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Marketing via Google, marketing via Google is considered one of the most effective means in the field of marketing, especially in light of the penetration of the Internet into all aspects and details of public and personal life, as it has become necessary to understand how to manage marketing through search engines, and ways to achieve the best possible results, and this is what we will discuss To him through our next article on Google Marketing:

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Google Marketing

Prepare Search engine marketing (SEM), which includes Google Marketing, is a type of Internet Marketing. 

It entails promoting websites or landing pages.

This is primarily by increasing their visibility on search engine results pages, or “SERPs,” using paid ads. 

To ensure that your website or landing page appears at the top of search results when a consumer searches for a term related to your company or product.

How to market with Google

Here are the steps to take in order to achieve a successful advertising campaign through the Google search engine.

As these steps are an essential part of Google marketing:

Preliminary preparations

The first stage in advertising is the preparation stage, and it includes the following steps:

  • Determine the campaign goal: 

A clear advertising campaign goal is one Conditions for successful marketingThe objectives vary, some related to increasing the attraction of site visitors, others to spreading awareness through a brand, and so on.

  • Description of the target person: 

The advertisement should disclose the personal characteristics of the target customer, this includes their age and location, as well as their occupation, interests, etc. Special consideration should be given if there is more than one segment of the target customer.

Considering user intent: 

The advertiser must put himself in the shoes of the customer and take into account what he needs when he searches through the Google engine, in addition to the words he will write and whether he is familiar with the specific product or is still in the exploration stage.

Competitor detection entails researching keywords related to customer segments and identifying which ads appear, allowing the quantification of competition and the characteristics of competitor ads to be determined.

Choose the keywords for the advertisement

It is possible to provide more valuable information to the user than the abstract ad text, which is abbreviated using Google Marketing, because the ad that appears has many components, and the following is a list of these components:

  • Landing page URL: 

The actual address a user visits after clicking on an ad. The link that appears in the ad is known as the display URL.

  • Addresses: 

They are blue and short titles, up to three titles with a maximum of thirty characters.

  • the description:

It is the main text of the ad and occupies the majority of the ad space.

  • Some advertising plugins

According to Google, ad extensions improve advertising by 15%, because this feature allows adding links to sections of the site in addition to price, offers, application, location, and others.

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Placing the advertisement on the platform (launching the advertisement)

After the Google marketing campaign is set up, it is now directed to the Google advertising program in order to launch it.

And the launch procedures, despite their many, but following the previous steps will facilitate the process, and these are the launch procedures:

  • Configure campaign settings:

 Such as campaign type, language, budget, geographic location, and more.

  • Ad group creation: 

Google's marketing ads are divided into groups, each with its own set of keywords, allowing for greater targeting diversity.

  • Ad creation: 

Each ad group consists of ads, each with its own creative, allowing for trial runs of various variable ads, testing the duration of performance for each, and then determining the best performing ad.

Through our previous article, we have explained to you how to market through Google and its importance, and if you are looking for someone to help you in this matter, all you have to do is contact us.




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