Motion Graphic Video Design

Motion graphics videos are considered one of the easiest and most effective marketing means to present and introduce the idea of your project or company, and what makes them special is that they leave a strong impression in the minds of customers all the time.

Motion Graphic Video Design

Motion graphics videos are considered one of the easiest and most effective marketing means to present and introduce the idea of your project or company, and what makes them special is that they leave a strong impression in the minds of customers all the time.

Why is Digitallity considered the best motion graphics video design company?

We understand the importance of your company and how to stand out and highlight your brand through motion graphics clips. At Digitallity Company, we provide professional services in designing and implementing motion graphic clips to meet the needs of our clients. We tell your brand story in a simple and attractive way, focusing on its features and benefits to customers.

Our professional team works with creativity and care to design high-quality motion graphic clips, and always strives to add a creative touch that makes your work stand out. We strive to serve our customers in the best way possible to ensure that you get the attention you deserve and stand out from your competitors.

Being an Egyptian motion graphics company, we understand the local market and local needs, which helps in providing a customized solution that suits your brand in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

We are committed to providing distinctive promotional videos that reflect and enhance your brand identity. Relying on our services will help you stand out and attract more customers to your business.

Features of motion graphics videos with Digitallity

Attractive and impactful motion graphic video design

Our team succeeds in attracting customers' interest and encouraging them to watch the video in the first seven seconds. These moments are crucial for making appropriate purchasing or interaction decisions, as they provide an opportunity to convince customers of the value of your products or services.

It combines simplicity and attractiveness in presenting ideas

We design the best motion graphics clips in the Arab Republic of Egypt. We combine simplicity and attractiveness in presenting ideas, and use colors that are in harmony with the brand identity. This is what makes our motion graphics stand out in the Egyptian market.

It aims to achieve effective marketing success

We specialize in providing motion graphic design services aimed at achieving effective marketing success. We combine creativity and strategy to ensure your message reaches your target audience successfully. Contact us to get motion graphics that are in line with your marketing goals and help you achieve the highest success rate in marketing.

Providing moving and unforgettable stories

We are indeed considered one of the best motion graphics companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The ability to present poignant and unforgettable stories contributes greatly to building a brand and making it stand out in the public memory. We are here to support you in achieving your marketing goals and enhancing your business identity.

Stages of designing motion graphics videos in Digitallity

First step
Communicate and discuss with the client about the idea

This is to ensure that what the client wants to display in his motion graphic video is understood, and to determine the most important aspects that should be focused on.

Second step
Study competitors in the same field as the client

The team researches competitors, analyzes their strengths, and explores the best motion graphic clips they have designed and the details of their idea and duration. Based on this analysis, the team designs a better motion graphic video that matches the client's activity and outperforms the competition.

Third Step
Develop a set of ideas and write content for each idea

Then present it to the client to choose the preferred idea. Each idea is explained to the client, and then the team presents multiple video designs and suggestions based on that idea.

Fourth Step
Choose sound effects

The method of presenting the idea is experimented with the content and adding sound effects, whether it is background music to create an appropriate atmosphere or using “voice over” to direct the story and explain the details in a specific voice.

Fifth Step
Choose animation effects

Animation is chosen based on the idea and field of business, and what suits the content and sound effects well.

Sixth Step
Start the implementation process

At this stage, the team carefully integrates all the previous stages to produce a wonderful and attractive motion graphic video that optimally displays the idea. Content, animation and sound effects are professionally combined to ensure the planned vision is achieved.

Seventh Step
The delivery stage is considered the last step

The video is provided by the company to the customer for review and approval. The customer is allowed to request any additional amendments or modifications if necessary.

Reasons why you should choose Digitallity to create your own motion graphics videos

We at Digitallity are uniquely distinguished by a set of factors that make us unique among competing motion graphics companies:

Executive skill

Our team has many years of experience in motion graphic design. They are skilled and distinguished in implementing multiple projects that vary in fields and activities based on specific marketing objectives.


We value creativity and uniqueness. We generate innovative ideas and facilitate discussion with the client about the proposed ideas. We are ready to accept any modifications until the client is completely satisfied with his motion graphic video.

Distinguished level

We are fully aware of the principles of motion graphic design and are aware of the necessary conditions to ensure the achievement of the set goals. We work meticulously and professionally to ensure high quality.

Email marketing service

We integrate motion graphics into any field based on market study and analysis of our competitors. We help you achieve excellence through videos and provide electronic marketing services that complete the process of effectively promoting your activity.

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