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Here’s What You Get with DIGITALLITY Professional Services

You can contact the best SEO company in Egypt and get the advantage of preparing websites for search engines (SEO) and sweeping away the competition through the best SEO strategy for your website and store. I have a strong and integrated Google search engine optimization plan that combines electronic content marketing with the strongest keywords and comes out first in search results with a senior specialist. SEO, technicians, backlinks across social media platforms, paid strategies, and other elements of online marketing.

We have the reputation of the best seo company because we have the best seo experts and search engine optimization tools.

When it all comes together in one SEO strategy, you can expect:

Increased number of website visits

As you gain more exposure, you will start to see an increase in website traffic.

More Leads

We can target the audience that is most likely to be interested in your products and services with a search engine.

Increased revenues from online stores

Through SEO, an increase in targeted leads makes it easier to convert those leads into paying customers.

Create websites with the best SEO company

Companies consider SEO factors one of the most important sources of attracting visitors to the website, so we at Digitallity are considered the best SEO company in Egypt according to the testimony of our clients, as we study your field, the market, and competitors, so that we develop for you the appropriate marketing plan that saves you a lot of money, time, and effort and ensures Prepare your site and make it appear in the first results of Google searches

Your site is in the first results on Google

Using SEO, your site appears in the first results of search engines is a great success, because it means that thousands of visitors (target customers) reach your site, which is what any company seeks to obtain more sales for its products and services.

The most powerful SEO company in the Arab world

Digitallity Company provides SEO services and prepares your site to be authenticated by Google search engines and always appear on the first pages through specific keywords and solve all programming problems that hinder archiving the site’s pages in Google.

The best SEO company

Digitallity is the most reliable SEO company in the field of SEO in Egypt and the Arab world, and that is why it offers it as an SEO services company to increase the visibility of websites on the search engine.

Digitallity helps you build the content of your website articles and choose the most appropriate keywords in the targeting process to increase search engine visits.

Also, the necessary need to manage website page updates in line with Google updates makes you choose only the best SEO company in Egypt Digitally.

Don't waste your money on experimenting and work with the most reliable and reliable SEO services company.

  • We help you analyze competitors' websites
  • We provide fast hosting for websites and online stores
  • We extract the most appropriate keywords for your field of work and your website
  • We improve the sales volume of online stores on the Google search engine
  • We provide marketing SEO articles that adhere to Google rules and improve website rankings.
  • We provide SEO services for e-store product management
  • We offer any SEO company cooperation in building the best backlink strategies.

Digitallity is the best SEO services company and provides its services to business owners and online projects and those looking for reliable electronic marketing companies and also provides its cooperation to any... seo company Coordinating business in a way that ensures profits for all parties and taking advantage of Internet searches to increase online store owners with the largest number of potential customers.

How search engines and SEO work

Before explaining how search engines work, it is important to know that search engines mean Internet search systems that make it easier for Internet users to find what they need on the Internet quickly.

An example of the most famous Arabic search engine in the Arab world is the Google search engine, which is characterized by facilitating access to information and websites on the Internet by using a keyword or phrase that you enter, and then with one click, the answer or what you are looking for appears.

So we can say that searching in search engines provides us with the information that we access on a daily basis through Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

We take this as an example:

If you are searching for the best SEO company in Saudi Arabia on the Google search engine, 10 suggested websites or SEO companies will appear on the first page.

These companies provide identifying information on the Google search engine in order to display it to users when searching for the word “best SEO company in Saudi Arabia.”

The SEO company appearing before you in search results comes after doing what is called search engine optimization (SEO) for websites.

Website SEO is following policies and rules imposed by search engines, such as Google, on all websites to appear in the first search results.

If electronic companies do not adhere to the guidelines of webmasters, the archiving of those companies’ websites may stop, which prevents them from appearing on search engines and attracting visits.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not an easy matter and requires a lot of experience, so we always find company owners searching for the best SEO services in Egypt and seeking the help of a SEO professional in the process of leading the way, increasing the site’s ranking, and appearing on Google.

SEO websites and the most common SEO professional tasks:

  • Check your website for errors
  • Technical SEO control within the website
  • Accelerate the indexing of website pages on the search engine
  • Researching the reasons for the delayed appearance of the site or poor Google visits
  • Focus on appearing in Google search engine because it is the optimal search engine
  • Adjust internal SEO and external SEO
  • SEO content writing services

The most important terms for SEO services

This is a collection of the most important terms in the field of SEO, presented to you by Digitally, the best SEO company in Egypt 2024.

on page seo

Internally formatting website pages according to search engine policies

of page seo

Preparing the site externally to improve its ranking (backlink - guest post - social media)


A periodic search process by which search spiders explore new content for users


The process of indexing and evaluating pages is represented by search spiders

black hat seo

These are SEO strategies to deceive search engines

gray hat seo

A gray SEO strategy that uses a combination of Black Hat and White Hat agents

white hat seo

A strategy that exports search engines using legitimate methods that rely on the guidelines and policies of Google, Bing, and Yahoo only


Keywords are called targeted keywords, for which there are a number of searches, for example (SEO services lead the search engine), and they are divided into easy-to-competitive words, difficult-to-competitive words, and medium-competitive words.

short tail keyword

A keyword phrase consisting of one keyword, for example (SEO), is often difficult to compete with.

long tail keyword

A main sentence or a key sentence consisting of more than one word, for example (the best SEO company in Egypt), and the competition is moderate compared to a single sentence.

content. content

The content provided within the website or web page consists of images, texts, and video clips


It means building external links to website pages and placing your website links within the content of other websites

link building

Backlinks are website marketing methods that are done through a SEO expert to promote the website on the search engine


It means that your website gets a backlink as a result of the visitor sharing links to the website’s pages

internal link

The process of internal linking between website pages

Link farms

Sites similar to a backlink farm, which are dedicated to making backlinks to thousands of sites in violation of Google policies, which also means FFA or free for all.


It is the best type of command for search engine optimization operations to allow search spiders to follow a link and increase trust in it


It is a type of command that does not advise search spiders to follow or trust the link, and it also does not prohibit search spiders from following intended links.


The transfer is used when transferring from one domain to another domain or link to another link, and it has more than one type, the most famous of which is 301, and it includes 302 and 307.


These are Google's algorithms in the search engine that evaluate content according to a set of rules to provide good content in the first search results for users

alt text

Image description that helps search spiders recognize images faster


It means that the website specializes in a specific field to provide information, electronic services, or online products, for example (the field of search engine optimization services)

sub niche

It is a sub-specialization within a field that the website delves into, for example (backlink services).


Textual content management is an example of the content of articles and products on websites and blogs, which is an abbreviation for content management system

Seo spam

It is intended for spam, violating search engine moderator policies, and building malicious content or links


google analytics.

A free service from the Google search engine to analyze website results, number of visits, website visitor behavior, and bounce volume

search console

One of Google's free services that helps SEO companies and search engine optimization experts analyze the site, technical problems, and the number of Google visits

anchor text

Place text on the link that explains what its web page is about

domain authority

DA and PA

The term for evaluating the strength of Google's trust in the main domain of the website, and every SEO company needs to use the Moz tool to evaluate it


page authority

DA and PA

The term for evaluating the strength of Google's trust in internal website pages, and every SEO company needs to use the Moz tool to evaluate it

bounce rate

The percentage of visitors staying on your website and internal navigation processes



It means organizing the website internally so that the visitor can easily navigate between the pages of the site


canonical url

The presence of a number of pages within the website that have the same content


One of Black Hat's ways of showing content to web page visitors is different from the content shown to search engine spiders.


Attracting visitors from search engines or other sources without performing the same conversion process for search engine spiders when entering the web page

duplicate content

It means duplicate or copied content on your website


It means the results of your website ranking in search engines search engines results pages

google dance

It is famous among SEO experts as the Google dance, and it causes regression or progress during Google’s periodic updates

keyword density

It is the percentage of repetition of the keyword within the written content compared to the rest of the text on the page.

keyword stuffing

It means stuffing the keyword into the text of the written content without any connection with the words


It means using synonyms for the keyword within texts, for example (SEO company - SEO services - SEO expert), which is an abbreviation for latent semantic indexing.


It is intended to be the title of the web page that briefly explains the topic to search spiders and site visitors

meta description

It means a description of the page and search engines do not display it as before, but it is important in understanding the goals of the web page content


Tags and hashtags on the website pages mean the number of topics and keywords that are related to the topic of the web pages


meta keyword

Keywords for articles or website pages help rank results in search engines

meta robots

One of the meta codes intended to send commands to search spiders that visit a web page


Custom codes for search spiders to determine which pages are supposed to be indexed and which web pages are prohibited from being indexed on the search engine.


The website map makes it easier for search spiders to crawl the content of the website pages

google penguin

A group of updates to Google aimed at combating fraud in search results, especially backlinks


Link web page


It appears to the visitor when he accesses a link that is damaged or has an error problem on the site

social signals

Signals coming to your website pages from social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms


Which is an abbreviation for accelerated mobile pages, a new project adopted by Google and other sites that targets mobile visitors and provides them with an ultra-fast design.



One of the programming codes used to inform the search engine of the most important keywords on the page

google panda

A set of updates for Google aimed at combating false and weak content

The best SEO company for building external links, BackLinks

Why is Digitallity the best SEO company and backlink services?
Digitallity Company offers its clients many successful strategies for building backlinks (external links to sites), as the factor of building guest posts and backlinks has become one of the most important basics in building good SEO and supporting visibility. Search engines rank on the first pages because search engines such as Google consider them more influential than links. Internal It is also an important indicator to raise the ranking of your site (PR) to be on the first pages through numerous blogs and website directories, and managing advertising campaigns through advertising sites, as well as forums, classified ads, and other matters.

Digitallity is considered the best SEO company to improve external links to websites in Egypt of page seo, and our clients rely on our own strategies to improve the external SEO factors of their websites on search engines.

SEO services, search engine optimization

The ranking factors for search engines and SEO depend on several aspects, the most important of which is the bounce rate.

The bounce rate represents a high value for Google, as it shows the extent of users’ interest in the service or content provided on the website and its suitability to visitors.

Therefore, it is not possible to optimize search engines without considering bounce rates, and in the field of SEO, every expert realizes that ignoring this matter may cause a significant decline in the site and results in updates.

This is why Digital Company has experienced SEO experts to cover various aspects of SEO to improve your website.

This causes an increase in website visits, which pushes your services to become more popular in the search engine, which means higher sales and profits.

Digitally Company, which is ranked the best SEO company in the Arab world and Egypt, has a team of experts. Each SEO expert in this team has great knowledge in improving the ranking of stores and websites.

The site is examined and an SEO plan commensurate with your field and specialization is built, along with a risk management plan.

get up Best seo expert We undertake the tasks of building a strategy that ranks among search engines and choosing the most appropriate keywords for your business or service.

We usually care about keywords that are highly targeted to purchase if it is a service site or a commercial site.


Therefore, with the increase in website visits, sales increase directly, and this is what always matters to us: that you find the profitable return that you seek through the SEO process that we improve for you.

The best seo company in Egypt

If you are searching for SEO services companies in Egypt, it is natural that you are confused about choosing the best SEO marketing company for your site.

But here you are at Digitallity, the most famous company in the field of SEO and improving the ranking of online stores and websites.

Digitallity is also the best SEO company in Saudi Arabia and owns many businesses for a group of famous stores and websites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Here we carefully examine your website and cooperate in identifying the most important goals and the products or services you are most interested in selling.

Our work does not occur randomly, but rather we work to build a plan that produces measurable Google search results.

Our SEO experts provide clients with periodic reports on the website’s growth process, Google Search Consult results, visits, Google Analytics SEO plan results, and the backlinks and guest post files that were built and used.

SEO Digital is famous for its leading business in the Arab world and has the best customer reviews.

We realize how important it is for your website to appear among the first search results, and we have the ability and team to... The best SEO tools for writing content and backlinks Which qualifies us to be the best SEO services company in Egypt and the Arab world that you can trust.

Prices of SEO packages in Egypt

Guy Digital's SEO prices are the least expensive among competing SEO companies.

We offer many flexible SEO packages that suit the capabilities of clients as much as possible.

Although the field of search engine optimization requires a professional team as a main factor, it is also famous for consuming a lot of resources during work.

Digitallity's SEO packages include all the aspects we need in arranging a website, such as:

  • Analyzing the website and checking for technical errors.
  • Analyze competitors and search for weak points.
  • Designing a content plan and writing high-quality articles.
  • Build a plan to rank the site at the top of all search engines in accordance with SEO rules.
  • Build the most appropriate SEO strategy.
  • Building a backlink plan and internal backlinks for the website.
  • Supervising the process of implementing the SEO plan and coordinating between the SEO professional team.

The SEO specialist team at Digitallity uses the most accurate SEO tools to examine the website and implement top-ranking operations to bring the site to the first search results.

The best search engine optimization SEO company

The best SEO company in Egypt provides SEO services at the best prices and ranks your website on the Google search engine in a short time with the first search results.

Digitally is the best SEO company that helps increase the visibility of websites and increases search engine visitors in the best ways that follow Google policies.

No matter how difficult the targeted keywords are, your website can reach the first search results in record time.

We use the best SEO expert and provide the best SEO services in the Arab world for companies and online stores for 10 years and more.

What makes Digitallity the best SEO company in Egypt is the development of the SEO services provided through it and the cooperation it carries out with major companies in this field of SEO to further develop search engine optimization strategies for customers’ websites and web stores.

We establish website pages in accordance with Google's general policies and recent Google algorithm updates to protect websites from regression during Google updates.

We help improve SEM e-marketing campaigns on search engines, and we offer Google advertising packages that suit different sizes of online companies, to increase visits and sales of e-stores at a low cost.

The most famous SEO company in Egypt for improving online stores

The SEO process for online stores requires cooperation from the best SEO company in Egypt, such as Digitallity for electronic marketing.

Through special SEO strategies, we can improve the ranking of the online store’s products in search engines by using the best keywords suitable for the product.

Each online store management team is headed by a professional SEO expert with strong experience in managing the optimization of online stores on the Google search engine.

This is done by organizing the internal SEO department and making it support the process of improving the external SEO of your online store.

Internal SEO is:

  • Make purchases easy for users from Google search engine
  • Make access to the shopping cart clear and quick for store visitors
  • Providing comprehensive information about products in the online store
  • Maintaining the speed of the online store’s product pages
  • Clarifying payment methods within the store
  • Eskima adjusts store pages and makes them clear to Google algorithms
  • Clarifying methods for shipping products to customers
  • Working to facilitate the in-store sales process through the fewest internal clicks from users
  • Providing transparent and clear purchasing policies for store users and potential customers
  • Providing ways for customers and visitors to communicate, while managing the online store when needed
  • Creating search engine marketing campaigns (SEM) that help increase online store sales
  • Creating advertising campaigns on social media platforms to increase traffic
  • Linking the online store to Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines to help increase traffic

SEO Search engine optimization for electronic stores is a complex process for any SEO company in Egypt and the world and requires a lot of cooperation between the SEO specialist responsible for the SEO of electronic stores and the owner of the online store for constant coordination to follow up on improving the products and the methods of displaying them to site visitors, which supports improving the ranking on search engines.

The most important factors for website ranking in search engines

When searching for the best SEO company in Egypt, you must know the most important factors for ranking websites in search engines and take a simple overview of that so that you have an idea of how things are going.

SEO factors are divided into two main parts that help index website pages and improve their appearance in SERPS, which are:

  • OFF PAGE SEO service

From these two factors, the SEO field branches into various branches and tasks.

OFF PAGE SEO service

The OFF PAGE SEO strategy, or external SEO, works to increase the site’s ranking in search engines through backlinks or backlinks. It is also an important factor in archiving your site in search engines.

Usually, you need a highly skilled SEO expert to build an OFF PAGE SEO plan for your website because the process of building external links requires a lot of experience in order to be safe on your website.

Incorrect OFF PAGE SEO plans for some sites cause damage as a result of the spam used on them or spam links.

So you want a reliable SEO specialist or SEO company that can find the appropriate sites in the field and specialty of your website to publish your guest post links or backlinks.

Usually, Anchor Text is used to suit the targeting process required to rank at the top of search engines, by using keywords in the form of a hyperlink to your site’s URL.

Google recommends adopting the White Hat method and avoiding using Black Hats to build external links to the site because this violates Google policies and its search engine ranking factors.


The internal SEO improvement plan or ON PAGE SEO strategy represents the second half of the success of the SEO process, search engine optimization for websites and online stores.

Search engine optimization companies rely on strengthening the internal SEO of website pages based on SEO factors such as:

  • Writing content that complies with Google search engine policies.
  • Distribute keywords appropriately to increase Google algorithms’ awareness of the objectives of the written content.
  • Creating internal links between website pages.
  • Outsourcing if necessary.
  • Choose images appropriate to the content of the article or page and adjust the image description and image title.
  • Compress the image and adjust its size to match the size of the web page and article,
  • Choose the appropriate video to support the content of the article.
  • Providing sufficient information on the web page that the search engine visitor needs to reduce bounces
  • Arranging and coordinating information on website pages to make site visitors not distracted.
  • Fix 404 page errors
  • Fix broken URLs and make 301 and 302 redirects
  • Ease of browsing the website and internal navigation between pages
  • Create SEO friendly urls
  • Create attractive titles for search engine users
  • Improving the speed of website pages
  • Create a meta description for the web page using the keyword
  • Create a meta description for the website
  • Adjust tags for the site and tags for the article and products page

Increase the speed of web pages to strengthen search results

Google is developing its search engine ranking policies and making it easier for users of websites and stores, so the speed of website pages is an important factor in ranking in the search engine.

The speed of web pages depends on many factors that make a web page fast or cause website pages to slow.

The more responsive your website is, the more satisfying it is for search engine visitors, which makes the visitor bounce rate low and this improves the ranking of pages in search engine results.

On the other hand, the slower your website pages respond to visitors, the higher the visitor bounce rate will occur, causing your ranking in Google search engine results to decline.

To improve search engines, you must pay attention to the size of the codes on your site pages and avoid excessive use of WordPress plugins.

Also, attention must be paid to the dimensions and size of the images, and SEO experts are encouraged to compress the images used on the site before uploading them to reduce the loading period.

Hosting also plays an important role in improving the speed of website pages for visitors, and hosting is a major and important SEO factor.

SEO companies' tasks to improve your site's ranking

In order to be called the best SEO company in Egypt, you must have a specialized SEO team that properly understands the tasks of improving appearance on the Google search engine.

There are main tasks represented in search engine optimization services that every SEO expert performs in raising the results of websites or stores and appearing on Google.

It should be noted that search engine optimization tasks require many SEO tools that can examine website errors and also analyze the progress or decline of visits.

What are the most important tasks of the SEO company for website marketing?

SEO companies' tasks focus on many important factors for the website to appear in search engine results.

Search for keywords

Choosing keywords or keywords is a key factor in appearing on Google

Check competitors' websites

Analyzing competitors' websites and understanding their SEO strategies is essential

Build a content plan

After the SEO specialist analyzes competitors, he can build a content plan to outperform the competitor’s content

Writing high-quality articles

Writing articles and editing texts according to SEO rules affects the extent to which the site appears in search results

Make a sitemap

Google recommends creating a site map from sitemap files so that the site is more accessible to Google algorithms

Create a robottext file for the site

Google emphasizes the use of robottext files, as they provide an impact on archiving pages and articles within the site

Treating technical problems with web pages

The impact of technical issues is real on the Google ranking of website or web store pages

Creating layout for website pages

Eskima makes it easier for Google's algorithms to understand the page's content and purpose faster

Make the site compatible with devices

The website must be compatible with electronic devices such as: phone, tablet, and computer.

Connect Google Search Consult with the website

Google Search Consult's association with the website is important in SEO for every SEO professional

Linking Google Analytics with the website

Understanding the bounce rate provided by Google Analytics is important in monitoring site visitors and improving sales and ranking

Backlink and guest post

You must provide high-quality backlinks to market your site faster on Google, and backlinks play an influential role in this.

A company publishes its own website on Google

SEO company ranks your website on Google in the shortest period of time.

If you are the owner of a WordPress website or a specially programmed website, you can top search engine results on both sites, but is there a difference in the search engine optimization process between WordPress websites and a website programmed with PHP or PHP Larvel codes?

The answer is due to the amount of work required during the medium and long period of time on your website

for example, and not as a limitation:

If your website does not require unique administrative systems to organize your business or e-commerce on the Internet, in this case, WordPress sites can be used to publish your services and products and sell them online.

If you have a special system that requires a complex selling system for the store in order to be able to manage your e-commerce correctly, in this case you need to build a special programming site, php larvel, for example.

The reason for this is that special programming sites are suitable for large e-commerce businesses because of the possibility of compressing the site’s web page codes and structuring them in the best way that suits search engine optimization (SEO) plans.

Compared to large businesses, we find that WordPress or WooCommerce sites are not the ideal choice because of the restrictions and technical negative aspects they cause to WordPress pages that affect their ranking in the Google search engine, for example, the slowness of the website in the long run, due to the volume of WordPress add-ons that you are forced to use in e-commerce.

If you are taking a search engine optimization consultation from the best SEO company in Egypt, such as Digitallity Company, in this matter, we may advise you to use WordPress sites at the beginning of work if your website plan is working on gradual growth.

This is because WordPress websites are less expensive compared to Larvel programming websites.

WooCommerce SEO company

The most famous WooCommerce SEO company to put your online store in the first search engine results.

What are the SEO services for e-stores and WooCommerce to ensure increased visits to your web store and increased online sales from search engine users?

  • Connecting the online store with WordPress webmasters
  • Archive WooCommerce store products on Google
  • Writing product titles seo
  • Creating SEO content for web store products
  • Place metadata on the product page
  • Publish links to the online store’s products in the search engine
  • Building backlinks to WooCommerce website
  • Indexing backlinks on search engines

Note: If you own a store that sells physical products, you must clarify the following to increase search engine optimization confidence in your store:

Online store SEO differs from website SEO in that the SEO services company is interested in providing the following information on the online store pages.

  • The price of the final product for website visitors
  • Shipping price and available shipping countries
  • The time the product reaches the customer after purchasing the product
  • Payment methods, such as bank visa or PayPal
  • The policy of returning the product or replacing the product after delivering it to the customer
  • Quick ways for the customer to communicate with WooCommerce store management
  • Detailed information about the products displayed in the store
  • Previous buyers' opinions and ratings for the product
  • Posting clear pictures of the products displayed in the store
  • Prepare an explanatory video of how to use the product, if possible
  • Clearly mention the negative effects of the product, if any, and the warnings that must be paid attention to
  • Product certificates and warranties, if any
  • The place of origin of the product or the country of manufacture of the product displayed in your WooCommerce store

The best SEO agency in Egypt

Digitallity is the best SEO agency in Egypt that provides electronic marketing services for websites and web stores on the Google search engine and other search engines.

With Digitallity, you will find everything you are looking for in terms of improving the ranking of your website and stores or managing social media pages.

At Digitallity, we have the best SEO team. We have strong experience and high skill in search engine optimization and managing social media pages, and website services and products.

Here we help you increase organic traffic from the Google search engine with the best advanced SEO strategies.

Similar to other SEO companies in Egypt, here at Digitti you will find search engine optimization services at prices that suit your business budget and provide the best results and appearance in Google searches.

Why is Digitallity the best SEO company in Egypt?

Digitallity cooperates with many leading SEO agencies in the field of SEO services, which in turn provide logistical SEO services including advanced SEO tools and strategies. This helps it in developing SEO services and SEO strategies that affect the results of the website in the search engine, and this simply makes it the best SEO company in Egypt.

Small details we master make a big difference.

Start now to develop your digital appearance on the most famous search engines and make a difference in your business through the best SEO experts in Egypt and the Arab world.

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