What is meant by branding and what is its importance in business?

Branding means not just the identity, symbol or reference to a specific product:

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This will also be a basic need in the formation of the product, and it will be the main motive and incentive to buy the product itself, meaning when we mention the name of a particular product, the mental image of this brand comes to your mind.

For example, when we say the word Mercedes, branding comes to your mind, or for example the word Vodafone, you always think of its logo and the identity color that distinguishes it (branding).
And of course, building this branding requires effort from the business owner to prove himself in the market and also make customers have loyalty to his brand.
And of course, it begins that you study the market and the public, know their needs, make a strategic plan, and announce the main benefit that will accrue to the customer when he buys from your brand or product.
Branding always has an emotional meaning, or you associate the customer with an emotional feeling for your product.
Like Coca-Cola tied to joy!
Also, your branding will have many branches, such as, for example, you choose colors to distinguish you among your competitors, a special logo for your company, and a logo that distinguishes you in the market

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In the end, the
Branding means that you are the only one who comes to the customer's mind when he needs a specific product, and you are the only one who will be able to provide him with this need.
And no matter how much time it takes you to do branding for your product….. you will prefer to reap the fruits for a long time.


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