Run an advertising campaign on Google

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Running an advertising campaign on Google, in fact, the types of work in ad campaigns are different, but the steps to complete a campaign in which work thrives are the same in all campaigns, and we don’t want you, dear reader, to waste more time, so we offer you this article to share the steps of making an advertising campaign on Google successfully.

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Run an advertising campaign on Google

To be successful with your Google ad campaign, you must Choose keywords that will not only bring in passing visitors, but also visitors who will turn into buyers later on, 

Therefore, it is important to know the words that the buyer uses to search for the product or service offered, and there are many methods and programs to find out. 

Even Google provides a keyword research tool to determine how often you search for a word, a global section, or even a specific country, and they also provide many programs to determine the search terms that your competitors use to bring visitors.

Monitor competitors

Now, go to and use these words to search for ads that competitors are using to show their ads. You will probably see 8 side ads and 2 or 3 ads in the search results; Watch these ads to see how big the competition is. 

Then go to each page and study page pinning and monitor that page's SEO.

Learn from them how to write and set up landing pages, in addition, monitor the number of ads if there are too many of them. 

You have to understand that the competition for these words is fierce and it will cost you money, but if there is no advertising for the competitors, you have a good chance of winning.

select the target

When selecting the right keywords, you must first understand your goals. 

For example, if you want to sell Search Engine Optimization Services Your SEO, your goal is to sell, and the service you want to sell is SEO services, so the ad text that we will use in this campaign is to get professional SEO services, by setting a goal that allows you to accomplish several things:

  • Understand the search terms that will be used in the advertisement.
  • Create a landing page suitable for ads.
  • Create the perfect ad text.
  • Understand your intended audience.
  • Reduce your advertising expenses.
  • Increase Sales.
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Landing page design

Landing pages are the pages that the visitor goes to after clicking directly on the advertisement, and it is preferable that the page to which the advertisement goes is specially designed for the advertisement, because its main goal is to guide the visitor to the product you want to sell, or to direct him to fill out a specific form.

Also, the page must be compatible with the search engine, and the site’s configuration has been taken into account, and its goal is to put the information that the visitor needs to know why he needs this service or product that you offer. 

Increasing the Quality Score that Google assigns to keywords is desirable and helps reduce expenses.

Design separate campaigns

It is better to divide the campaigns in Google Ads into several different campaigns, as each campaign is divided according to (language, viewing, campaign type)

Language: is the language of advertising.

View: Search Network or Websites

Campaign type: Indicates the purpose for which the search terms and the different types of search terms will be used.

Are you targeting service-related search terms or competitor search terms?

Segmenting campaigns in this way allows you to examine each ad individually and decide what works best for the campaign, as well as ad optimization.

Thus, you have become acquainted with the most important steps for successfully running an advertising campaign on Google. We hope that this will help you in the success of your advertising campaign.


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