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Website design contract, before entering into a sample website design contract offer, it is important to understand that the type of website design contract depends largely on the type of project, the parties to the contract and the requests that the client wants, as website design is one of the service activities that are performed in response For customer needs and requests, and through our following article we show you some details of a website design contract:

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Corporate website design

Website design contract

A legal contract, also known as an electronic contract, is an agreement between two or more parties in which all parties agree to do certain things that are determined and carried out in accordance with the law, in order to guarantee the rights of all parties.

As a customer, you should understand if your website is built on open source ECM, for example, or using fully custom coding, as this involves third party rights in the contract and may limit uses of the website and its modifications.

The following elements must be included in the website design contract template:

Preliminary item

The two parties agreed that the first party (the service provider) would provide a website design service and website hosting.

And work to launch it, in accordance with the applicable local and international requirements and rules in the field of the Internet.

And that the (second party) appoints (the service provider) to implement the design of the website on the Internet, in accordance with the rules in force in this field. The two parties, both fully qualified, have reached the following agreement:

Observe the basic legal points

Since the main and important purpose of entering into a website design contract or any other contract is to build trust and also to enable legal action in the event of a dispute, it is important to consider all legal aspects, avoiding contracts with unregistered persons or companies as the legal value to them is not guaranteed .

  • You must ensure that the contract is written on the designing company’s paper.
  • The designing company must sign and seal the website design contract.
  • Both parties to the contract (buyer and seller) must be clearly identified and specified with full specifications at the beginning of the contract.
  • The subject matter of the contract, the technology and the facilities to be made available to the website must be complete and detailed.
  • The buyer's obligations and the seller's obligations must also be explained accurately and clearly.
  • Include information about contract termination and emergency circumstances.
  • The website design contract must be formal and written in the form of an article - paragraph - note.

Determine the parties to the contract

Article 1 of the website design contract is usually required to present and define the legal status of the parties to the contract so that the meaning of the following paragraphs (buyer or seller) is clear.

The buyer can be a natural person or a legal entity.

The following points are usually included in the website design contract for real buyers:

  • First and last name
  • Identification Number
  • Contact information (mobile and landline)
  • Home or work address

Legal Buyers 

  • Full company name
  • The full name of the CEO or representative of the company
  • Company contact information
  • work address

Thus, the positions of the seller and the buyer are determined, and the address and contact number are provided to the two parties at the beginning of the contract for further follow-up.

Explanation of the subject matter of the contract

usually includes Website design contract Providing a product or service with specific characteristics under specific conditions.

This section defines the subject of the contract, which is the design of the site, and then lists the agreed-upon features to be used.

Additional services, such as purchasing a domain name, dedicated server, designing a second language other than Arabic, etc., must be specified in this section.

 تصميم مواقع الشركات
Corporate website design

Determine the agreed amount

The following section is concerned with determining the sales amount of the product specified in the subject matter of the contract. If the subject matter of the contract includes multiple products or services, it is better to list the prices for each of them separately. Moreover, the discounts mentioned in this section of the contract can be designed and mentioned on the website.

Finally, in numbers and letters and clear, specify the final amount that the buyer must pay for the design of the site.

If the contract amount for website design is paid in steps and time periods, then another clause such as payment terms or payment steps must be specified immediately after the clause related to the contract amount.

Usually, half of the contract amount is paid after signing the contract, and the other half is paid after the site is handed over, but these terms may vary according to the characteristics of each project.

Determine the obligations of the seller and buyer

Usually, each contract specifies the obligations of the signatory parties, and the obligations of both parties to the contract are mentioned in this section of the website design contract. Some of the obligations can be described, for example, as follows:

  • The seller agrees to complete the website design and deliver it to the buyer within the specified time frame.
  • Seller's obligations related to testing, supporting, or updating the Site
  • Obligations related to the buyer's payment steps and the correct execution of the commodity

Determine the terms of termination of the contract

This section of the contract, written in separate paragraphs and usually written at the end, specifies the terms leading to the termination of the contract or the payment of the amount of compensation or penalty that each party must pay in the event of termination. 

Through the previous lines, we have shown you the most important details of a website design contract, we hope that this will help you understand how to conclude the contract, and to find out more details you can now contact us, we Digitallity Agency for web design.

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