Application programming company and the language used in programming

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An application programming company is one of the most important companies in the world technology field Which many countries of the world are looking for to adjust, update and develop application programs in a professional manner. Therefore, application programming has become an important role in the field of information technology. Applications are found on all modern technology devices such as computers, computers, phones and TVs. Applications have also expanded significantly and are developed in a way Therefore, all commercial and other companies and individuals are also looking for the best application programming companies to adjust and update the applications on their devices, which we will talk about today about an application programming company and the language used in programming. Follow us to read more.

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Application programming company

Application Programming stands for Application Programming Interface (API) which means in computer programming.

It is a set of routine concepts, protocols and tools for building programs and applications, that is, it is a set of operations or functions that are given to the programmer.

Access to the application data to be developed and programmed, as it grants access to it using the HTTP protocol

Using different technologies such as Java and NET, where there are many companies working on programming

Applications in phones and electronic devices, especially after the development of iPhone and Android applications

Most countries of the world have relied on technology and the Internet in their daily lives and work, and much more for that

Application programming companies need professional engineers to develop applications and design them continuously

According to our modern times

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Languages used in application programming

There are many languages used in application programming, but these languages differ according to the type of application

The device used if the device is from Android or iPhone apps Or camels and others will

What is clear in the language of both of them in the following:

  • Swift and Objective-C are used to program iPhone and iPad applications

Then it can be uploaded to the Apple Store

  • It also uses Java and Kotlen to program Android applications, and then it is uploaded to the Google Play stores.

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What about the ASP.NET API

ASP.NET is an ongoing business hub for HTTP-based services that can be accessed

It can be found in many different applications on many different platforms, including the web, windows and mobile

etc. It works in the same way as the ASP.NET MVC web application and can be done in another way except for that

It sends data as a response source instead of html rendering and it's similar to a web service or a WCF service

But the exception is that it only supports HTTP.

ASP.NET properties in the API

  • NET's API works with support in different formats for response data and has built-in support for JSON, XML, and BSON.
  • One of its best features is that it is an ideal platform for building RESTful services
  • NET ensures a newly developed HttpClient API hub in order to communicate with the Web API server
  • NET is built in an API on top of ASP.NET and supports the ASP.NET request/response pipeline
  • NET can be hosted in an API in IIS, a self-hosted server, or another .NET-enabled web server. 4.0+
  • The .NET Web API maps HTTP verbs to method names.

An application programming company and the language used in programming is one of the most important companies that many people from different countries of the world search for to work together Programming applications And its development in phones, Android devices, iPhone and others, which increases the rate of search for it continuously

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