Website development and the difference between it and website design

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 The difference between website development and web design, design and development are two different meanings. One of the important things about websites is to know the difference between web development and web design, here is the Website design for a tourism company.

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Corporate website design

The difference between web development and web design

First: Website development

web development (Web developmentIt is meant to create websites on the web and publish them over the internet.

There are several steps that you can take when developing websites. It is necessary to define the goal of your creation of the site, and to create and test a site.

This site must also be uploaded to the server and promoted to your site, as well as follow up on the occurrence of any problems facing the site.

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Website development departments

Website development is divided into two parts:

Doing the front-end development which is in English (Front-end), and the other is background development, which is (back-end).

It is worth noting that the front end uses HTML (HTML) in order to establish the site.

In addition to CSS (CSS(which defines and formats visual styles, and is also used in JavaScript)Javascript)

Small businesses need to develop the front end as this is what the site needs.

While major projects are more complex, the development of the backend is considered one of the important and necessary matters that interfere with implementation.

The developer of both the programming and the backend are the most important and complex things about web pages.

Because they determine how the website works, as well as the way customers operate through the use of certain functions.

In addition, this connection includes the base for each of the data.

And also by creating features as creation shopping carts (E-commerce shopping carts ).

In projects related to e-commerce, in addition to its connection to the processing that takes place through the Internet payment method (online payment).

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Website creation costs

Web Design

web page designs (Web Designing) And theNews website designThis is one of the things that professionals in the field of building and designing websites use.

And web design includes a very large number of skills, including designing the shape of the site (visual design).

Website and front-end designersfront end) for the site and facing customers.

Also, whoever designs a website for a tourism company, design a news website, or Website Design Company Or any other site to be interested in the way the site appears.

In addition to the way people interact with customers, as well as the layout structure of the site.

 And also the special map of the pages of this website.

It is worth noting that website designers use design principles to create a site that looks superior and is easy to use.

As these designers aim to make an easy and beautiful website in order to increase the usability of the website in order to attract users.

Website designer tasks

Each of the website designers and developers has many tasks that they perform, and the tasks that the website designer performs include the following:

  • Do the site design and create a schema to be a database.
  • Web layout work.
  • Creates a layout for the web.
  • Determining the appearance of the web pages of the website through the content that the designer provides to customers.

Website Developer Tasks

A web developer performs daily and routine maintenance of both applications and websites.

It programming the sites by following the method that is easy to use.

Regular maintenance of the sites.

Here we have come to the end of our article, in which we got acquainted with The difference between web development and web design, as it is one of the important things that must be recognized when creating an online shopping site, and you can learn about many names of web design companies and choose from them.




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