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One of the most sought after services is designing and hosting websites, because it is already the basis for the success of every company or business project, whatever its type. You need marketing on a wide scale in order to increase sales and achieve the desired goal of the website in web design company.

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Website design and hosting

Get design and hosting websites andWebsite development It is not a matter of entertainment but rather a necessity.

It is indispensable to the success of all companies, no matter how different the activity of each company, it needs to be promoted.

Especially in light of technological development and the increasing intensity of competition between companies.

What is the concept of web design?

Website design is just the process of putting together elements and planning multimedia content.

This is done through the use of many programming languages, in addition to the use of programs that are suitable for designing and hosting websites such as Website Design Packages In order to appear in front of visitors on the Internet.

Software used for design

There are many programs used in designing and hosting websites Website development companies It helps design companies' websites in a professional manner, including:

Adobe Dreamweaver

Microsoft Expression Web

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Languages used in website design and programming

There are many languages used when designing websites on the Internet, including:

  •       html . language

This language is used in the design of the site and its structure, meaning that it is the skeleton of the site design.

  •       CSS

It is used in designing websites with the previous language in order to add backgrounds and colors, in addition to specifying fonts and sizes when designing websites and is frequently used by website development companies.

  •       Java

One of the most important languages used by a website development company, it is widely used to develop content for games and applications as well as programs, and this language is also used in the design of Android applications.

  •       JavaScript

It is used in all aspects of website development, for the purpose of adding interactive elements to websites when designing and hosting websites.

  •       Python

One of the languages used in designing websites for companies, institutions and commercial projects, as well as in making the framework for the site.

  •       PHP

It is an open source language and is used in the design of large websites such as Facebook and Facebook.

Web Hosting

It is called by a lot of terms such as host, hosting, web hosting.

It means renting space from the computer or server, and using that space to raise the site on it to appear in front of visitors.

Types of web hosting

Website design and hosting includes many types, including:

Free hosting

A service provided by many websites specializing in web design in order to inform their customers about the importance of paid hosting.

In other words, it is an advertisement for them.

Shared Hosting

Your website is added to the Internet on the same server in addition to the design of other websites.

They may range from 100: 1000 websites and usually those websites are shared with hosting services such as memory, CPU.

private servers

Provides the most control over the web for each site, where the server is rented.

It is the only site that is stored on the server and suitable for clients who want to design websites in addition to programming applications, video files and visual files.

cloud servers

Cloud hosting provides unlimited capacity to handle increased site visits.

A group of servers called the cloud serves to host a group of websites.

This allows a group of computers to work with each other to increase the level of visits to the site.



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