Website design basics and types

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Designing a website is an important business from which you can get many profits in a short time, which increased the search for the basics on which web design and its types are based on websites. Website and its types Electronic design is defined as the use of some modern technologies such as markup languages on websites to create some planning and executive processes to create multimedia content by using the Internet.

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Website design

Website design is one of the fun free jobs that you can get

I get a lot of profits by it in easy and fast ways, but web design is a business

Which must be well trained in order to work in a professional manner, where you can work on a design

Websites through the use of a computer, which is known as a computer, but the matter has evolved

To use some phones in designing websites with the Internet

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The basics on which it is based

for Professional website design The basics of creating websites must be followed well

The site is not important and it is not enough for the site to be well designed, but the site must display content

Other than that, it is not important to the site, and then it does not differentiate if the site has been well designed or not.

The basics of the sites are based on some of the most important elements as follows:

  • First, you must put the name of the site and put its address as well
  • Second, you have to add the server on which the site files are placed
  • Third, clarify the files of the site itself through which it was exposed to the user
  • Defining attractive and clear content to make the site professional in all its directions
  • The site should be easy to browse, easy to download and have a homogeneous design
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Types of websites

Websites are one of the most important things I have, as there are two types of websites They are:

  • Fixed content sites
  • Active content sites

First of all, sites with fixed content

It was completed Create websites Fixed content where the content of the site cannot be changed by visitors

Only the owner of the site has the right to do so, and sites with fixed content are used in certain languages

HTML is the most important language

Secondly, websites with interactive content

It was completed Create websites With interactive content after the static content sites where the visitor can use the sites.

Publishing posts and interacting with the site is easier, and there are two types of sites with interactive content.

They are very similar and it is difficult to differentiate between them. Both of them create an interactive website. These two types are as follows:

  • Interactive content executed on the server It works on developing Internet service tasks from a written image to a modern application image
  • Interactive content executed at The user appeared this type after the progress and development of the initial type. This type consists of several technologies, the most important of which is Adobe Flash.

Designing a website The basics on which it is based and its types are important topics that everyone needs, but in order to become a professional designer, you must follow the necessary instructions in creating websites and talk with many professional designers in order to avoid all the mistakes and problems that you may face in designing websites and training well in order to become highly professional without consequences

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