Website design and what are its steps

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Website design, you can start by creating a suitable design for your website in order to meet the quality and performance standards that you want to achieve, such as providing a pleasant and smooth user experience and an attractive appearance that reflects the professionalism of your company, and you can also deal with a specialized company in order to design a website that meets your needs:

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Website design

Following several sequential steps from defining your site to creating interactive user interfaces, the website design process is complete, so you need to pay attention to each step to achieve a unified result:

select the target

The first step in website design On the Internet is to determine its purpose.

So that we are clear about it, and thus start the right path to achieve the desired results. 

Is your website designed only to display information? to sell your merchandise? To get subscriptions?

You can start by asking yourself the above questions to get a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of what you want.

Study competitors

Because everyone races to attract users in different ways, a competitive market affects the success of your site, so start by looking for sites that offer similar services and examine their features carefully.

Examining the service mechanism and user experience provided by the competing site, then identifying strengths and weaknesses to learn how to outperform them.

You may discover a great website design pattern, but it is complex and difficult to understand its procedures. It is also good to be inspired by some of the solutions and design strategies used, as long as you remain unique in your own design.

Determine the properties of the site

Site characteristics are the features and services customers gain from using the site, and they define the core value of the site, so, based on your site's goals, start by making a list of all the requirements it provides. 

For example, if you want to create a real estate website, the basic features are creating an account for the site, searching and browsing real estate, then buying a specific property, and many other features that improve the professionalism and comprehensiveness of the site for the user. 

Study the target audience

Since the website is ultimately for customers, think about your target audience and their needs, identify the user in terms of age, gender, language and interests related to what you will offer, then go to the problems that the audience has that require solutions, and find out their preferences and attractions that affect them, Gather enough information, you can then use the communication channels and surveys as a primary reference when defining design strategies and site features, and then create your User Persona.

Determine the visual elements of the site

Everything that catches the user's attention and improves the aesthetic appearance of the web page and the design of the site is referred to as a visual element. The shape and style of these elements must be carefully considered, because they determine the attractiveness of the front-ends of the site. The following are the most prominent of these elements:

Colors: Choose colors that are compatible with each other to suggest comfort and harmony, and remember that they must match the colors of the site's logo.

Fonts: It is best not to use more than two types of fonts in web pages to keep the design simple and clear, and for ease of reading, avoid ornate fonts.

Icons: Icons are usually used to complement the meaning of text. Use simple and attractive icons.

Most importantly, she expresses her goal professionally.

Images: Images are the most prominent aspects of visual elements, and their value is determined by the quality of the image and its suitability for the purpose for which it was added.

Avoid images with lots of elements to keep the look simple.

User interface design

The most important station in website design is the actual design of the website interfaces.

After developing an idea of the page structure and preparing the necessary visual elements.

You'll begin designing the final look of your front-ends by carefully following the above steps to create a site that meets your needs.

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Tips for designing a professional website

To achieve the characteristics of a professional website in your design, and to achieve a perfect result that matches your expectations and the needs of your users.

We recommend that you carefully follow and apply the following:

  • Balancing the aesthetic and functional elements of a website

Let's say you find an attractive website design that catches your eye at first sight and convinces you to use it for your site.

But after completing and implementing it, I found it difficult to deal with the procedures and navigate between the pages. 

From the user's point of view, this will cause him to abandon the services of the site, since the main reason for his visit is to complete a certain service.

It is also possible that your site meets the criteria for functionality but lacks aesthetics.

So a professional site should delicately balance the two cases, resulting in an attractive look and simple procedures.

  • Considering the target audience

The ultimate goal of creating a business website is to target the audience and attract new customers.

Therefore, the characteristics and needs of your audience must be a priority at every step, from research and analysis to the finalization of interface design. 

This will help you match the final product to the user's needs. When defining and testing each feature on the site, ask yourself, "Is this mechanism suitable for the user and facilitates his experience on the site?"

  • Whitespace offset

A web page usually contains several elements, such as images, text illustrations, action buttons, and so on.

Separating it with enough blank or white space will make processing the information clear and easy for the user.

While also reducing distractions, whitespace is also important when you want to emphasize one element in relation to others, so use it sparingly.

Through the previous lines, we have shown you all the details about website design, and you can contact us Digitallity Agency For web design to help you design a professional website.




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