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Designing websites for distinguished companies is one of the most important things that concern businessmen, especially with the trend of everyone towards electronic marketing in a large way, and the entry of the Internet in all different fields, so the need to deal with the best appeared Website Design Company To provide professional website design services.

Best web design company in Egypt

Corporate website design

There are some steps that the best web design company follows in order to be able to create a website or web or design websites for distinct companies, which are as follows:

  •   Website hosting

After defining the type of activity and the existing idea for the site, the hosting step comes and is intended to rent a place on the Internet.

Which contains the files and resources of the site, provided that those files are collected on the server.

So that the visitor can access it, the design and hosting of websites differ from one company to another.


It is called a domain name and it is the name that the website owner wants visitors to use.

The price of a domain varies from company to company, and some companies provide hosting services with domain names.

  •   Website planning

Pre-planning for any website, whether it is designing websites for companies, institutions, or for a commercial activity.

Before starting the design is an important thing that should not be overlooked.

It also determines how the visitor moves within the website, with the creation of a site map showing the structure of the site and pages, as well as links, in addition to texts, images, and videos.

Website design

Websites for companies like . are designed Website creation company Or other websites through the use of web design building languages including HTML, CSS.

And the JavaScript language, it is also possible to deal with the best web design company that has an integrated team of programmers, designers and developers.

  •       Publish the website

During this step, the website files are uploaded to the chosen hosting.

And that through the use of one of the tools in the hosting.

Or through FTP, so you should deal with the best web development companies

  •       Website Marketing

After completing the design of the websites of companies, institutions or even individuals, the matter does not stop after the completion of the design process.

But you must promote what each site offers, to increase the volume of traffic.

Through SEO, in addition to designing websites and linking them with social media sites.

The most important pages when designing corporate websites

Corporate website designWebsite development Whatever type its domain should include pages.

It reflects what each company offers, and there takes a greater interest than others, according to the target groups.

But in general, the pages that are available when designing companies' websites are as follows:

  •       Homepage

It is the interface of the site, and the user wants to get as much information as possible in an organized way.

  •       Who we are

This page expresses the identity of each company and the products or services it offers, and it is a great opportunity to learn about the nature of the companies' activity.

  •       blogging

Audio, video and written blogging has gained an important place, as it provides opportunities for trust between the company and the visitor.

  •       contact page

An important page that contains communication data between you and customers, including communication sites and phone numbers.

Types of Website Templates

There are three popular templates among template designers:

news website template

It is a multi-window template that contains a large number of news sections.

website template

It is a template available in multiple icon shapes, in order to express the quality of the content provided to the user.

marketing website template

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It is used in electronic stores with the aim of promoting products and the buying and selling process.



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