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Web design is the process of assembling elements and planning multimedia contents using different languages and programs to create a design that is ready to be displayed on Internet browsers in a correct and easy-to-use way for pioneers, and thus the site has achieved the purpose of web design, as it requires every Website hosting site In order to put the site data in a protected and secure storage space to protect your data from theft by Internet hacking.

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web design

A website is a collection of interrelated files that are organized in what is known as a domain and can be accessed over the Internet using a web browser.

Website files can be of the following types:

Documents\Images\Videos as well as text and other file types.

The site is hosted on web servers located around the world and consists of an HTML file or thousands of other files that format text and paragraphs.

Site sections

The site is divided into two parts:

  • design

It is the section that the visitor interacts with, and it is composed of files that contain the design of the site in terms of colors and shape, and the design of the site pages must be consistent with each other.

The design should also be attractive, as it serves as an important tool in conveying the professionalism of what you offer to the client and the quality of your brand to the client.

  • Programming

This section is hidden from the visitor and is concerned with data processing, security and database management.

The importance of having a website

One of the most important steps towards effective e-marketing Create a company websiteThe site offers the following advantages:

It saves time and effort for both employees and customers, and serves as a marketing tool that can be accessed at all times and from anywhere.

The website can also include all of the company's services or products, stores and trade history, as well as answering customer questions and increasing customer awareness of your brand.

If you have a website, you have a great opportunity to market and promote your business widely and professionally, and to gain more clients in a variety of geographical locations.

No matter the size of the company or business, a website is an important and indispensable promotional tool that can greatly help in expansion if used properly.

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Website design stages through a professional company

  • Communication with the client

It starts with listening carefully to the client to understand their needs and the type of site they desire.

Excellent planning before starting work on the site.

Then identify important site details, such as the site's appearance, design, language, and content.

  • the design

Start by creating a preliminary design to clarify the general structure of the site and show it to the client.

Taking into account all the comments that the customer will work on.

  • Development

Here, the programmers complete the development process and place the content on the site once the client approves the initial design of the site's appearance.

  • recruitment

Before handing over the site to the client, a team of programmers tests the performance of the site to ensure its efficiency and makes any necessary changes.

  • delivery stage

At this point, work on the site is completed, and its performance is tested to ensure there are no defects.

Then it is sent to the customer, providing him with an explanation of how to use the control panel on the site and any other information that the customer should be aware of.

And here, through the previous lines, we have shown you the most important details about web design, in terms of what the design is and the importance of having a website, to the stages of website design. We hope that this will help you in designing your website.




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