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Website design, many business owners and projects may start looking for a website developer as soon as they decide that they want to create a website, ignoring the most important stage in ensuring the launch of a professional website that enables them to achieve the desired results, which is the design that guarantees an enjoyable experience for your customers that expresses The professionalism of what you provide by employing the required standards, so how is the website designed?

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Website design

Cares about Website design The look and layout of your website, as well as its usability and handling. 

The design of the site is divided into two main parts: the design of user interfaces (UI), which provides the attractiveness of the site in several details of shape, images, colors, etc. 

The other component is the design of the user experience UX, which consists in starting the design steps, identifying customer needs, and researching how to plan a smooth work mechanism in navigating and completing service procedures in a manner appropriate to the nature of the target audience.

Features of a professional website

Several criteria were followed during the design phase of a highly efficient website.

This creates a website with a pleasant user experience and attractive appearance.

Here are the most important design features your site should have:

  • Clarity and simplicity

Since appearance and clarity are interrelated, simplicity of design affects the appearance and clarity of the website. 

The more UI elements, the more complex the page.

 As a result, the user is distracted and uncomfortable while browsing, in addition, the appearance and location of embedded elements affects.

Like colors, lines and shapes, the design is simple and clear, so the professional site is the one that maintains the harmony and simplicity of the elements.

  • Adapt to different screen sizes

Since the screen sizes of electronic devices vary, the user can access your site via a computer, mobile phone or iPad. 

Given the importance of this aspect, professional design takes into account, according to statistics, 93% of users abandon the site when the design does not fit the size of their device. 

As a result, you may find that users experience your site on their computers is excellent.

But it's pretty bad on their tablets, and you can avoid that by having more than one design style for the same page depending on the dimensions of the screens.

Features of professional sites

  • Ease of navigation within the site

When designing a website, how the pages are navigated and how processes are completed determines the ease of use and makes the user experience smooth, as the functional side of the website is the main reason to use it. 

Therefore, the site navigation must be clear and direct, and the buttons must be direct and easy to find and understand, so that the user does not have to spend a lot of time searching for what he wants, as the idea of including the home page links and the search box on the top bar of the site's home page enhances that feature.

  • The overall consistency of the site

Because of its effect on attracting users, the overall appearance is an important factor to consider when designing a website, so they usually use static or animated colors, decorations, and graphics that affect usability and comfort while browsing. 

The harmony that the elements suggest with each other is a major factor in the attractiveness and consistency of web design.

  • Site hierarchy

When you open a web page of a site, you should be drawn to the most important element of the page, its main intent, and then to the other elements that are included. 

This is referred to as the correct hierarchy in the layout of the pages of the site, where the elements are arranged and organized so that visitors are drawn to the most important and the least important.

That is, the page is based on highlighting the main action for which the user visited the site.

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The importance of website design

Creating a professional website for your clients will help you grow your business online. When a user gets to know and browse the website, the way you present your business becomes crucial. Here are the advantages of website design:

  • First of all, satisfy the customer's needs.

The benefits of the website and its design should be based on the nature and requirements of the customers, as it is ultimately directed at them, and its use should be simple. 

This is achieved during the website design phase by taking into account the user's needs and carefully studying the problems he encounters and the expected solutions.

With the aim of understanding the customer and solving his problems by applying best practices.

  • cost reduction

The web designer considers the efficiency of the end result from the start, in terms of quality, performance, effectiveness, necessity of the included services, as well as ease of implementation. 

This reduces errors and modifications that occur after the website is launched because there are different factors that are taken into consideration during the design phase.

And also during the development period, as the website designer looks at the final product that is constantly being developed.

  • Create a positive image for your brand

Your site's ease of use and attractive interfaces increase customer satisfaction and make them feel comfortable while browsing. 

This gives them a good impression of your professionalism and credibility, which improves your brand image and turns the user into a potential customer for your services.

It also encourages them to share your site and services with others, unlike the bad design of the site, which suggests that the company is not interested in the customer's comfort and interest, and invites him to leave the site immediately.

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