Electronic marketing packages in Saudi Arabia

باقات التسويق الالكتروني في السعودية

E-marketing packages in Saudi Arabia. The general principle in marketing is that companies, especially small companies, should invest between 10% to 20% of their sales in marketing, but are there specific or standardized costs for e-marketing services? What are the elements that affect the pricing of these services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Through the following lines, we show you the approximate prices for some electronic marketing packages in Saudi Arabia:

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Electronic marketing packages in Saudi Arabia

is determined E-marketing prices in Saudi Arabia Through a variety of factors, including marketing budget, business goals, 

The number of services provided by the e-marketing company and requested by the client, as well as the type of commercial field, business and size of competitors, the number of agreed upon marketing channels, and others.

Therefore, it is very difficult to provide an accurate and specific figure for the costs of electronic marketing in Saudi Arabia or around the world. 

Companies vary in size and have widely varying strategies, financial resources, and goals, so these and other factors all have a significant impact in determining service prices. 

Here are some approximate prices for electronic marketing packages in Saudi Arabia:


service type  the price
Search Engine Optimization 500 - 2000 dollars
Social media management 500 - 4000 dollars
Email marketing 300 - 4000 dollars
website design 500 - 5000 dollars 
Pay-per-click advertising 5 – 20 % of the total campaign costs 

Factors affecting electronic marketing prices in the Kingdom

Seeking E-marketing companies in Saudi Arabia To provide the best prices to its customers, but does the decision here depend on the price only?

These days a young child may be an expert on Facebook and TikTok, or they may know how to create a website, but dealing with the complexity of digital marketing campaigns is no simple matter; 

You cannot afford to make mistakes. For example: Consider the following four statistics:

Search engines account for 61% of total website traffic.

Google accounts for 90% of all online searches.

To get the best results, Google's algorithm takes into account more than 200 rankings for each search.

Google's algorithms have been updated about 600 times.

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So there are several things you should do before talking to companies regarding e-marketing prices and marketing strategies:

  • Determine your marketing budget.
  • Define your digital marketing goals.
  • Think about how you want to work: do you want to outsource your company's digital marketing to an external organization, or do you want to hire a team of digital marketing specialists? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy for your business, and which one fits your budget?
  • Study the company's technology and methodsDigital marketing strategies That you depend on, as you need a team that takes the time to understand the nature of your organization, develop tactics that suit it, and deal with it as a unique situation that requires unique plans.
  • Study the opinions of current and former customers, in addition to looking at examples of previous campaigns.
  • Determine the key performance metrics you will rely on, as well as the regularity of reports that will be provided to you during the term of the contract.
  • Find out what digital marketing services you offer, and which ones are right for your company and budget?


In the end, we have shown you the approximate prices for some of the electronic marketing packages in Saudi Arabia provided by Digitality Company for electronic marketing and website design. For more details about the company’s services and prices, you can Contact us All day long.




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