Video marketing and its importance to your company

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Video marketing, what is the importance of a video if a picture is worth a thousand words? This is the basis for video marketing, a forward-thinking marketing strategy that incorporates video into your marketing campaigns, in which companies use video marketing to create, curate, and use videos to market their products or services to a specific audience.

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E-marketing plan

Video Marketing

Marketing videos can be used for anything from building relationships with customers to promoting your brand, services or products. 

Video marketing can be used to give advice, promote customer testimonials, broadcast live events, and provide viral (entertainment) content.

How video marketing works

On the surface, video marketing appears to be a simple method: your brand creates videos that promote your company, or drive sales.

Or raise awareness of your products or services, or attract your customers in some way.

In practice things are a bit more complicated. 

where it depends Video marketing, like many of your marketing efforts, is data-driven, so you'll want to track various metrics and customer engagement.

You will need the following items to create your video marketing strategy:

  • allocate resources:

You will need a budget for the video, in addition to the time required to create it, you will also need decent tools, good editing software, and a video marketing specialist.

  • Tell us about your experience:

 Storytelling has never been more important than in video, so think about what stories you want to tell, and how will you tell them?

  • interaction:

 It is not enough to simply tell your stories, you must also engage your audience. How will you add excitement to your stories? What will entice your target audience?

  • abbreviation:

 There is no standard length for marketing videos (although there are guidelines), but the general rule is that shorter is better. Be ruthless with your editing. Cut out everything weird, because attention spans are limited. Make the most of what you have .

  • Publication:

Spread your videos widely.

Including embedding them on your website.

Upload it to Google's YouTube, share it across all of your social media channels, then come the syndication process, analyze the results, and track metrics and stats to find out which videos are the best – and why.

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The field of electronic marketing

The importance of video marketing

Video is a gold mine for Search Engine OptimizationIt helps develop backlinks to your site, increase likes and shares (which can affect search rankings), and direct visitors to your site. 

Not to mention, YouTube is owned by Google, so make sure you post your videos there and tag them with your target keywords.

Videos help people remember more information, if your customers hear something.

They are likely to remember about 10% of it after three days; However, if what they hear is accompanied by relevant images, they will remember about 65% of it after three days.

Email subject lines with the word “video” increased open rates by 19% and clicks by 65%.

Customers are four times more likely to watch a product video than to read a product description.

Bottom line, your video marketing strategy should be driven by a comprehensive strategy and data. Plan a rigorous strategy of creating video(s) for each level of your sales funnel first, then define the content and goals of each video, and define the metrics that will determine the success of your video. best, then test, analyze and, where necessary, edit (and publish) your videos.




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