Social media page management prices in Saudi Arabia

اسعار إدارة صفحات السوشيال ميديا السعودية

Prices for managing social media pages in Saudi Arabia. Due to the importance of marketing through social media, which has become very clear in the recent period, the search for prices for managing social media pages in Saudi Arabia has increased by business owners and brands, so we are here today to provide you with some details about this matter:

اسعار باقات السوشيال ميديا
Social media packages

Social media page management prices in Saudi Arabia

In addition to the cost difference from one country to another, it depends The cost of managing social media accounts In Saudi Arabia also depends on the type of field in which accounts are handled. 

We may also rely on a few sources to evaluate the costs associated with monthly and annual social media account management. 

This management involves evaluating how your brand spreads across social media.

Create a strategy tailored to this audience, produce content and publish it on various social media platforms.

Monitor interactions with your brand, collaborate with influencers, and track and evaluate social networks, to analyze performance and calculate return on investment.

Modern marketing methods revolve around all these activities that were not appreciated before.

Because when social media accounts are managed well and in an organized manner, they provide businesses with a large number of opportunities for success. 

For this reason, apply Digitality E-Marketing Company Social Media Marketing provides unique and reasonable prices for managing social media accounts.

Here are some prices for social media packages at Digitality, based on the number of platforms that will be managed in addition to the number of posts:


Number of platforms  Number of posts Package price
1 10 999 Saudi riyals
2 20 1799 Saudi riyals
3 30 2299 Saudi riyals
5 40  3499 Saudi riyals


What is the cost of managing social media accounts?

To answer this question, you have to realize that Managing social media accounts It has the potential to be 10 times more useful. 

The amount of networks posted to, as well as the amount of posts and designs published each month, are the main differences that determine the cost. 

Hence, you should select a social media plan or package that best suits your needs. 

In addition to knowing your marketing budget and your place in the market in terms of the goals you seek to achieve and brand awareness, 

You also need to know how best to split your budget between SEO and social media account management in order to get the best package for you.

 إدارة صفحات السوشيال ميديا السعودية
Managing Saudi social media pages

What is the role of a social media account manager?

Three critical tasks included in the role of a social media account manager:

Determine which platforms are best for your business, audit social media accounts, and research your target market.

  • Auditing social media accounts

By providing you with a clear picture of the effectiveness of your plan, social media audits may help you manage your accounts more effectively. 

You can also use it to see where your money is spent.

It also shows the impact of social networks on search engine rankings and which social media channels yield the best results.

  • Determine which social media accounts are best for you

You may discover that some platforms that are suitable for you do not work properly after reviewing and identifying them.

In this case, you should be well aware of the amount of work required to get the desired results. 

A lot of results also depend on where your audience is located, for example.

You should work on increasing your Twitter profile if you find that the majority of people interested in your business are on that platform.


In conclusion, the prices for managing Saudi social media pages vary from one company to another based on the reasons mentioned above, but at Digitality for Social Media Marketing we guarantee that you will get the best marketing service at the best price in the competitive market, and for more details, you can communication With the Digitality team throughout the day.




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