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Social media these days makes a big difference in the spread of your work, if you are the owner of a company or you have entrepreneurship.

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You must realize that social media will work to spread your services or product with a large spread so that people realize it

Thus, you can create brand awareness of your product and spread it among many social media users.

One of the most important platforms that are used is Facebook, as Facebook in Egypt is an important source of use.

42 million Internet users interact through social media.

-Facebook is the leader in Egypt so far with a rate of 91 %, with a total number of users to 38 million, their business between 24 to 34

The most interaction will be through videos, and this indicates the importance of video in marketing.

And 11 million users on Instagram, according to (Digital 2020 Egypt (January 2020)

Therefore, social media is a powerful way to spread the name of the product or service you provide, so it must take this powerful weapon

To market your products and to be spread on all appropriate and appropriate platforms for what you offer or offer

If you want to target the Gulf, we recommend Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat

But if you want to target Egyptians, Facebook is one of the most important platforms that Egyptians are on and use.

Therefore, you should set a budget for advertisements on different platforms to target customers who are interested in what you offer.

And Facebook advises that the daily budget for Facebook ads be no less than 10 dollars per day to achieve the desired results.

And that the duration of the advertisement is not less than 5 or 6 days so that Facebook can deliver your advertisement to the target customers and that

You can measure the results you have reached and also target the Gulf through Instagram, so it is possible to advertise on Facebook

And a spread within the Instagram platform, provided that we choose one of the Gulf countries that we want

As for the Instagram platform, it will be different from Facebook, as it is images with more hashtags

As for the Tik Tok platform, the number of Tik Tok users has recently increased until they reached 2.4 million users.

Entertainment videos.

In the end, the most appropriate in marketing the work you do is the one that you use in your marketing plan.




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