Managing social accounts in detail

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Managing social accounts, because it is the only tool that allows you to communicate with your customers at any time, in any form, and at any frequency. Social networks have become one of the most important e-marketing channels for most international companies, as they help you explain your products, services, and offers to customers and increase customer loyalty to your company. In the following article, you will learn how to manage social accounts:

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Social accounts management

The social media management team manages your company or organization in the following ways:

He checks and investigates your market.

Examine your company's social media accounts.

Examine your competitors' social media accounts.

Specify Social media platforms Best suited to your industry and where to find your target audience.

Create a research study that includes (service / product specifications - competitive advantages - marketing messages) - definition of the target group - a study of the search words and times that were searched in the Google search engine to determine the importance of marketing through Google ads - the publishing strategy - the content plan - the initial advertising plan for the campaign ).

Content creation (which generally appeals to the target segment) and marketing to promote services/products

Define a visual identity for your brand that sets it apart from competitors, then start converting content into creatives.

Interact with your followers and respond to their messages and comments.

Develop relationships with strong, non-competitive accounts.

Manage paid advertising campaigns.

Send periodic reports to follow up on progress and results.

Why is managing social media accounts important?

Since the customer life cycle should start with the brand and end with customer loyalty (loyalty to the product).

Social networks (social media) are important because they depend on constant communication with the customer,

Which also facilitates the definition of the brand and the service provided, such as creating an image mentality to achieve customer loyalty.

In addition to obtaining potential customers, to achieve the ultimate and most important goal of the marketing process, which is purchase.

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The cost of managing social media accounts

To answer this question, it is necessary to understand that Managing social media accounts It can have some value and it can be ten times the same value, 

The difference between the two packages is in the number of social networks published on them and their number, of monthly publications and designs that start with four publications per month and may reach 30 or 40.

Plus the reach rate may be 100,000 people per month or millions.

What to know about managing social media accounts

Understand the difference between marketing and advertising: advertising, especially lead generation ads, whose success rate is determined by how well the goal is met in order to generate sales, 

While marketing represents building the customer life cycle, which begins with the branding stage, then offering the product or service (the return), then the lead generation stage, and finally the sales closing stage.

Determine the most appropriate targeting channels. You have to distinguish between your customer as a person (B2C) and your customer as an organization or company (B2B).

Knowing your customer (Byer Persona) is crucial to choosing the most suitable networks for them in terms of gender, age and country.

The importance of continuous measurement of social networking accounts through the analytics of each network to understand the extent to which your followers interact with you and measure your success in achieving your goals.

Although social networks are considered one of the most important means of electronic marketing to communicate with customers, measure their satisfaction, acquire new customers, and maintain old customers through continuous communication, 

However, this does not mean that you should give up website design.

Develop a marketing message that acts as your gateway or permanent exhibition for your product, to integrate with social networks in the online world.


Through the previous lines, we have provided you with the most important details about managing social accounts, and the importance of starting to deal with a company specialized in this field.





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