Electronic marketing prices in Egypt

أسعار التسويق الالكتروني في مصر

Electronic marketing prices in Egypt. What is known as electronic marketing is a group of techniques and methods that rely on different marketing channels on the Internet, with the ultimate goal of promoting various products and services on a large scale via the Internet and attracting the largest number of customers. Electronic marketing prices in Egypt vary from company to company. For others, through our following article we will show you the best price for electronic marketing packages in Egypt:

 مواقع التسويق الإلكتروني
E-marketing sites

Electronic marketing prices in Egypt

Since e-marketing has become an effective way to advertise products and services on a large scale for any company project, 

Business owners always seek to know the prices of e-marketing packages in Egypt so that they can choose the best for them. 

There are many aspects that can determine the cost of online marketing.

Including the amount of commercial campaigns per client. 

Of course, marketing a small project differs from marketing a large company in terms of competitive strength, target audience, and marketing services.

Here are approximate prices for marketing packages at Digitality E-Marketing Company:


service type the price
Search engine optimization packages Starting at $500
Social Media Management Packages Starting at $450
Paid advertising packages Starting at $1,000
Marketing packages for major companies Starting at $1,250
Marketing packages for small businesses Starting at $650

How to choose the best digital marketing company

We live in a digital age, where everything is done online, so the trend of online marketing is increasing, 

Also choose Best online marketing company It can be confusing for a lot of people.

Therefore, we will explain to you a set of criteria for choosing the best electronic marketing company. The factors that must be taken into consideration when considering the company are:

 خدمات التسويق الالكتروني
E-marketing services
  •  Setting goals

When choosing an electronic marketing company, it is important to define goals and understand your requirements. The decision to contract with a marketing company should not be made hastily, but rather by choosing an agency that will help you achieve your goals.

  • Company team.

Do the company’s employees have extensive experience and proficiency in all online marketing techniques, or are their abilities limited?

  • Company services

Find out what marketing services you will receive, whether the marketing company's business will stop upon completion of the campaign, and whether there will be follow-up to your business plan.

  • Budgeting

Understanding your unique marketing budget is crucial when choosing the best online marketing companies.

  • Previous customer feedback

It is important to understand and examine the reviews of previous customers of any marketing company before deciding whether to work with the company or choose another marketing company.

  • Look for models and examples of previous work.

To understand the tactics and procedures used within an organization to achieve the intended goals of each business, it is important to look at previous models of e-marketing companies.

  • Learn about the company's strategies.

You must understand the approach you are using Email marketing company To promote services and products, as well as the path each campaign takes, whether it is a way to develop or keep the same old methods.

  • Punctuality

Choosing a marketing company that meets the time limits agreed upon with the client, as well as honesty and trustworthiness in dealing with the client, are important considerations when choosing a company.

  • Find an online marketing company.

You can search the Internet for the largest online marketing organizations and the marketing services they provide to find out everything you want about them.


Conclusion, in Digitality for electronic marketing And designing websites and electronic applications, you can get the best prices for electronic marketing in Egypt, and to learn more about the company’s price offers, you can Contact us All day long.




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