The cost of designing a website in Egypt

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The cost of designing a website in Egypt, before you start designing your website, you must be fully aware of the prices of creating and designing websites in Egypt, and we will help you in this regard through our article today about the cost of designing a website in Egypt in Egypt:

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The cost of designing a website in Egypt

We cannot set a unified price for creating and designing websites in Egypt now that the price of each website is determined by a variety of factors.

We will address the most important factors that affect the price and cost of web design in Egypt as a group:

The type of content of the site, whether it is religious, entertainment, news, sports, commercial, marketing, cultural or educational.

The tasks that this site is supposed to perform.

Features that set this site apart from others, even if they share a general type of content.

The services provided by this site to its visitors and the expected benefit from their visit.

Thus, all of the aforementioned factors affect the price of the site to be designed, as each of these factors raises or lowers the total cost of site design.

Website design cost

The cost of designing a website in Egypt varies according to the agreement between the website and the design service requester. 

In addition, companies offer different offers for a variety of designs throughout the year to attract customers, so we will show you some examples of some of the offers made by one of the companies below.

The cheapest offer for designing a website is 2000 pounds, and it includes 5 pages on the site suitable for mobile devices and mobile phones, in addition to a 5 GB hosting plan that works on American servers.

Designing a basic dynamic website costs 4000 pounds, and it works on US servers. This offer includes a hosting plan for the site with 10 GB of storage space and 100 emails, in addition to domain reservation. This site can be easily accessed via phone and electronic screen.

Advanced dynamic website design: 6,000 pounds. This offer includes a control panel for the website’s content, in addition to obtaining a hosting plan (10 GB + 100 emails), in addition to designing a dynamic website, which works on American servers, and allows the customer to choose the appropriate design.

Static website

All the specifications and features that define a static website design are listed below:

  • Limited capabilities: 

A static website is the simplest and easiest type of website to design.

When compared to other types of websites, so the capabilities and benefits of a static website are limited.

However, this does not diminish the value and importance of this type of website, as it is useful for individuals who do not need a wide range of capabilities in their website.

  • Its content is difficult to change.

Static website content cannot be changed, which means that if you create your own website, add content, and then want to change or modify that content, that will be difficult.

Since this program does not have an automatic way to change the data, it does not have a database in the first place.

Content that has been added to the site cannot be modified.

  • Its price is low

A static website does not have a high financial cost because it is the least expensive type of website to design.

  • Small businesses prefer this type of site:

 Companies with small and limited activity frequently use this type of site because they only need to put basic information related to their field of work, and this does not require changes to this data.

dynamic website

Here are the most important specifications and characteristics of a dynamic website to help you differentiate it from a static website.

  •  very sophisticated: 

Since a dynamic website is more developed than a static website, it requires more effort to design it and more time to complete all its details.

Moreover, this type of site has much more capabilities and features than static sites.

  • Mutable content: 

One of the most important characteristics of a dynamic website is its ability to update and develop its content continuously and permanently.

The best example of this type of site is a news site, as these sites have to constantly and quickly update the news that is posted on their pages.

This is achieved by hosting the dynamic website on a control panel through which the website owner can modify the database.

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  • Its cost is very high: 

Of course, the more features, the higher the cost, so the cost of designing dynamic websites is higher than the cost of designing static websites.

Because dynamic sites offer more features, capabilities, and services than static sites.

For example, the ability to update content allows the site owner to post updated news.

This increases the number of visitors to the site, which is a huge benefit, but it also raises the cost of designing dynamic websites.

  • Big companies depend on it

Large companies prefer to use it for the following reasons:

 Since large companies often have extensive commercial, investment or marketing activities.

Static websites aren't for them at all, but rather dynamic websites.

Because these companies must update the content of their sites regularly, especially if the company.

For example, it markets its products on its website.

Here, we have shown you the approximate cost of designing a website in Egypt, and to find out more details, you can contact us Digitallity Agency now.

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