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One of the most important ways and methods of e-marketing and its most important branches is Google ads.

Where many companies resort to Google ads because of their great importance in increasing the number of visits to the website

The customer who comes from Google ads is a customer who has a very high probability of buying the product, service or commodity that you provide.

This is because he is the one who is looking for you and looking for what you offer, and therefore the probability of him taking an action is high.

This is done through keywords that have a meaning that the user searches on Google, and therefore he can see your ad present on the first page in Google.

Types of Google Ads.

search ads: they appear to the user when they search on Google using the keyword

Display net work: It appears through an image other than search ads and appears within websites and blogs

video ads: these ads appear on youtube

shopping ads: these ads appear to browsers when they search for a specific item to buy, and they appear in the form of a list of products

google play store app: these ads appear for browsers to download the app from google store through the mobile phone

The success of these campaigns depends on many aspects of them.

Bidding: or what is known as the price, which is determined by competitors through what they pay by clicking on the advertisement itself.

The campaign owner is charged for the number of clicks, not impressions

And also the CTR, which is the percentage of people who saw the advertisement divided by the people who actually clicked on it, and from here, Google can see your advertisement, whether it is good or not

Also, the landing page that you want to take the customer to in order to take a specific action. In this case, you must make sure that it is fully prepared for mobiles and tablets, and that it is really the page that the work wants to go to.

Ad relevancy: This means that the advertisement goes to the exact target. For example, I cannot be in the market for makeup products.

And being targeted by men.

The bottom line is that Google ads are one of the most powerful electronic marketing methods that companies can gain customers with

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Why choose Digitality?

We have been in the field of e-marketing and Google advertising for ten years.

Specialists in e-marketing and web design.

Many advertising campaigns were managed through Digitality.

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