Google Ads Marketer and Campaign Types

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Google Ads marketer, Google averaged about 6 billion searches per day in 2019 six billion, that equates to over 4 million searches per minute! And each of these searches represents a need, desire or problem that someone would like to solve, if you can help even a small percentage of these people, then this is a great opportunity for you and here you can hire a Google Ads marketer.

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Google Ads Marketer

Reach customers who are looking for an answer to a question on Google or YouTube using Google Ads, or customers who are searching for apps on the Google Play Store, for example.

via Determine the type of advertising campaignYou can decide where your customers will see your ad.

Types of advertising campaigns

  • Search 

When someone searches for a specific word or phrase, ads appear in Google search results or in the Google partner network.

 This is one of the most Types of advertising campaigns Google Effectiveness.

 Because you are confident in the power of the potential customer, who shows your ad, gets to know the brand you are marketing to, and clicks on your ad.

This can largely be done by ordering one of your products or services.

Why do we think he is a potential customer? Because he wrote down the name of the product or a word referring to it, this is the best proof that he really has the intent and motivation to make the purchase decision, rather than just being someone who has an interest in a field and enjoys pursuing it.

  • Display

It is used for visual advertisements (images, written sentences, etc.).

This type of advertisement can be found on more than 2 million websites and applications on the Internet.

That is, it can reach 90% of Internet users, and this type of advertisement is shown by Google to people who are interested in the service you provide on the Internet. 

As a result, it helps customers get to know you and helps you reach more customers.

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  • Video

By displaying ads on YouTube or the network of sites contracted with Google, you can reach the right audience at scale and attract their attention.

 In addition, there are many mobile applications that can be worked on.

 And you only pay when people choose to see your ad. 

Video ads are a higher level of advertising because they can bring your ad to life, get your message across quickly, and connect customers with your brand powerfully.

  • app

You can run ad campaigns on all Google platforms, including YouTube, using Google Ads for Mobile Apps. 

Google search results, Google Store and thousands of websites and apps in order to increase downloads or customer engagement with your app. 

Or they're doing something specific, like signing up for an app, participating in something specific, or buying a certain product.

Improve ad campaign performance

You decide which type of campaign is right for you and where you will find your target audience. However, Google provides you with additional features so that you can target the audience that is most important to you.

You can also target specific devices, so you can choose whether the ad appears only on mobile devices, tablets, PCs, or all. 

You have full control over the geographic area in which your ad appears or the language your customers' web browser uses, the budget, the auction, and the appropriate auction method for you, and you have the ability to change it.

Thus, we have provided you with some of the most important details about the Google Ads marketer, in addition to the importance of using Google advertising campaigns.




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