The appearance of your site on the first page (SEO)..Digitalty!

Did you know that (SEO) or appearing on search engines (Google) is one of the basics of digital marketing?

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And companies resort to him to appear her website On the first pages and thus increase its profits

By attracting visitors to the site and converting them into permanent customers

Therefore, companies are interested in SEO and appearing on the front pages of competitors

In order for your site to appear on the first pages of Google, you must follow the quality policies set by search engines, especially Google

Therefore, you must determine whether you need an SEO expert to help your site appear on search engines

He has more experience in defining keywords and trained in correcting errors and developing content. If you need that, you should start directly with the help of an SEO expert.

One of the most important reasons why you are in the first place for Google is the content that you provide on your website and its constant updating.

Content is king because the visitor who enters your site will be interested 100% for your content

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Also, the website's internal links

And the keywords or keywords that the client uses in the search

These words must be identified and repeated and the use of these words depends on the size of the competition for them

Keywords consisting of more than one word are better than short tags

Also, what helps to develop your page and help it appear is the backlink or the appearance of your website link on

Sites that refer to your services or what you provide

Some tools to help you define your keywords

*kw finder

*google planer

* SEMrush


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