A company displaying advertisements on social media

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A company for displaying ads on social media. If you want to find the perfect alternative to advertising in traditional ways, you should look for a successful advertising company on social media sites that specializes in this field. Through our article today, we help you identify the best company for displaying ads on social media. :

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A company displaying advertisements on social media

Social media advertising, also known as social media targeting.

These are advertisements that are displayed to users of social networks.

Social networks use user information to deliver relevant social media advertisements based on interactions within a particular platform. 

In many cases, social advertising can lead to significant improvements in conversions and sales at a low cost.

Provided that the target market and purchasing power match the user demographics on the social network.

The obvious benefit of hiring an advertising company is that they know what they are doing because it is their job.

As a result, your chances of achieving the desired results increase significantly.

Moreover, choosing to cooperate with Digitallity Agency It frees up your time and resources to focus on other parts of your organization that require more attention.

Types of ads in Digitality 

Digitality offers you a group of the most important and most widespread forms of advertising on social media, as follows:

Image ads

Display ads are the most common type of ads and can be seen in news feeds, sidebars, and banners. 

It is less difficult to create than other types of ads, such as videos and stories. 

But you should make sure that the images are of excellent quality, for example, the image dimensions are recommended to be 1080 x 1080 for Instagram display ads.

Display ads are an excellent way to increase brand recognition because they put your services directly in front of the buyer. 

Just make sure the images match the style of your posts and stories so that viewers can quickly identify the ad with your company.

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Video ads

According to statistics, more than half of social media users will watch an entire video if it is six seconds or less than one minute long.

This number decreases as the length of the video increases.

This means that you have a limited amount of time to unblock the user and keep them connected, fortunately. 

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow you to create short, recurring video ads that viewers can watch.

And interact with it as you scroll through the home page.

Stories ads

According to a survey by Instagram Business, half of the people surveyed said they had visited a website to purchase a product or service after seeing it in a Stories ad. 

Since Instagram has 1 billion active users, this is a great opportunity for you to promote your company.

A photo can be viewed for six seconds on Facebook Stories, while a video can play for up to 15 seconds. 

Instagram Stories ads, on the other hand, can last up to 120 seconds and can include images or videos. 

Stories ads appear full screen on both platforms.

Allowing your product to take center stage as long as you have your customer's attention.

Messenger ads

It does not have to be displayed Social media ads Exclusively on the user's home page! 

Unlike image, video, and Stories ads, Facebook Messenger ads appear between chats in a user's Chats tab in Messenger. 

Potential customers can click on the ad to start an automated discussion using Messenger.

Or they can click on the ad to visit your website and explore your services.


In conclusion, Digitality for electronic marketing and website design is the best company for displaying advertisements on social media. For more details about the company’s services, you can Contact us now.




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