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Of course, many prefer to start building their website with the best free website design company so that they can understand the handling of website management before they book a paid website.

Best web design company in Egypt

Many may also want to continue using the free site if they don't want to pay more money for paid sites that need a domain name, hosting company, and a lot of other things that need paying.

Create a free Arabic website

Of course, creating websites is not limited to paid companies only, but you can create your free website through a free website design company that saves you a lot of money, but everything has an advantage and a disadvantage, as there are certainly many advantages that are not found in free sites, but they are available if you pay some money.

By dealing with these companies, you will create your site yourself in simple steps that do not require you to have strong experience in this field, as it requires you to choose a good web design company, and then create an account with it that allows you to create a free site.

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Free website design features

Of course, a free website design company provides a set of features that help you create your site, including many free templates that you can choose the most suitable for your site.

It also allows you to customize your site for free without having to write anything of code.

It is worth noting that you can choose the name of your site for free, and you can edit many tasks on the site easily.

These free companies give you definitely different advantages than the paid ones, but they will definitely help you in creating your site, as they put in front of you many plugins that you can add to your site.

How to create a free website on Google Sites

You can create a free mobile-friendly website with Google Business. Google automatically uses your information and photos on your business profile to create a free website that you can customize using text, designs, and images.

Note that you do not need to update the site, as it is automatically updated whenever you change your business information or post new photos.

In addition to the above, the site will be improved in a way that is suitable for viewing on computers, laptops and mobile devices.

And when you create your website, you will be required to have your business profile, which, according to the information mentioned in it, will allow you to create your website completely free of charge, and then follow the following steps:

  • Sign in to Google My Business.
  • If you have many other locations, you have to open the one you want.
  • Click on the website menu to create your website.
  • You can always edit your website at any time.

How to create a free website

With the spread of websites, many users have started to aspire to create their own site that presents them with the areas they are interested in in order to advance their site on the list of search results, but for that to happen, there must be different content that attracts many users to it.

But others want to try it by dealing with a free web design company, in any case, you can create your website very simply by following these steps:

Reserve space and scopeAlthough this step is a necessary and indispensable thing to create any website, especially if it is free, there are some disadvantages that the user faces, which is the inability of the site owner to fully control its settings.

Also, the site owner cannot benefit from commercial advertisements in exchange for making some money, because the beneficiary of this feature is the company that created the free site for him, and it is worth noting that the name of the free site will remain associated with the name of the company that created it.

Website design: The free web design company provides many designs that vary in shape and that can also be modified, while there are other companies that provide the user with the ability to put the personal design he wants.

Data Upload and MarketingAfter completing the previous steps, there is nothing left but the step of raising the data and developing the content of the site, then working on publishing the site on various social media platforms in order to attract the largest possible number of visitors.

Best free website builder tools

When you make the decision to create a website for a free web design company, never lose sight of the necessary tools that these companies provide to make your site look perfect, and among these tools are the presence of many beautiful templates that are functional at the same time so that the site looks good and modern.

In addition, it must be easy to use and deal with, and perhaps one of the most common problems with free website builders is that it relies on being unpaid only, without regard to the ease of dealing with the site and its interface.

It is good when creating sites to take care of the presence of tools that help you drag the various and different elements on the pages of the site and place them anywhere you want easily, and you should make sure that you benefit from that site in the long term as long as you need it.

Also, it is necessary to have the option of upgrading the site in an easy and inexpensive way, so that the site always looks its best, and thus begins to cover its costs.

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The most important services that a web design company provides

Of course, you may need to familiarize yourself with the list of services provided by free web design companies, as these companies design professional websites compatible with mobile browsers, and they also provide the best e-marketing services through various social networking sites.

These companies also provide online store creation services, in addition to designing and implementing mobile applications very professionally, in addition to providing the possibility of domain name reservations with various extensions, in addition to providing fast hosting services.

It is worth noting that these companies also design commercial logos that distinguish the user's business, in addition to that there are some companies that provide advertising classified design services in a very professional manner.

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