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Website design companies, websites are one of the important means that many people need in e-marketing when they want to market a specific service or product to the public, and the website is the ideal choice, and websites are a number of files and resources that can be You can access it easily through the global web companies, and these files are collected and called a domain and it is called in the English language as (Domain Name), and below we will learn about the most important companies Web Design electronic.

Best web design company in Egypt

Website design companies in Egypt

In the past few years the whole world has witnessed a great leap in the field of modern technology.

Modern technology has become an important part of every person's life.

 Hence, some have started to take websites as a way for them to advertise certain products or services.

The website is the ideal destination through which you can communicate with customers.

In addition to its great effectiveness to attract the attention and increase your customers, in addition to its great importance in e-marketing.

And when we look at the cost of creating a website in order to market specific products.

We find that this method is less expensive than other traditional methods.

Advertising on TV and so on is very expensive.

In addition, advertising on websites gives you a lot of creative ideas and also finds solutions and presents them to you.

The website also allows you to get some tools to help you in the marketing field.

Which you can integrate into the site so that you can analyze your site and be able to work on it and divide your customers according to each field.

The products and services of the company are presented in an organized manner, and you can also open more new markets so that the number of customers increases and your sales are constantly increasing.

The website makes it easy for you to update information and data on products at any time, and this is not available in traditional media.

 You can also learn about the special requirements of the target customers and get the opinions in an easy and simple way.

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History of websites

The first website in the world dates back to 1991 AD.

That was when British physicist Tim Berners launched the first website after he had developed the World Wide Web.

Berners launched a number of important technologies that were the cornerstone of the emergence of the Web.

These technologies were developed by the Next computer.

 Despite this, Berners did not accept that the invention of the World Wide Web be attributed to him.

That is why he refused to patent the web in his name after he finished inventing it.

His refusal is due to his desire for this great invention to remain the property of all people, so that they can easily develop in it.

In 1993 AD, the first web browser was released that allowed everyone to use it and called it(Mosaic).

After that, it launched a lot of different websites, which became world famous sites such as Yahoo and Amazon.

Websites have been constantly increasing until the number of websites in 2004 AD reached about 51 million websites.

Today, the Internet contains many websites, which may number more than 1.7 billion websites, and daily about 570,000 new websites are launched.

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What is the difference between a website and a website?

There is a big difference between websites and pages, a website includes a number of various web pages that are interconnected with each other.

And they are specific to a specific field. As for the electronic pages, you can access them through the website, and through some of the hyperlinks on the site.

There are many differences and clear differences between each of the website and electronic pages, including the following:

  • A web page is a small part of a website.
  • As the website includes a lot of hyperlinks to other pages.
  • All web pages on a particular website are linked in a unique and unique way to your website.
  • Any web pages that are linked and approved on the Website.
  • If the website is down and does not continue to function, the websites you link to will almost certainly disappear.
  • The web page contains certain content, and on websites you can find many files of different types.

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Best web design companies

Nowadays, there are a lot of Website Design Company Major competitors in the market.

These companies have attained a distinguished and prestigious position, and these companies have managed to obtain the title of the best web design company in Egypt as well as in the Middle East.

Due to the many advantages offered by these companies, and the services that these companies provide are the following:

These companies design websites in a professional manner, using the best technologies and standards available worldwide.

This makes it very impressive and professional designs.

These companies have a great team with great experience and competence in both programming work and also in web design.

The website is placed by modern servers that provide a wide speed for the website.

Credibility and transparency in dealing with customers, in addition to ensuring that the customer submits his website to the specified date.

Availability of comprehensive technical support, which is always available at all times so that it can respond to all customer inquiries and provide appropriate solutions to solve all problems.

These companies provide websites that are compatible with SEO and search engines, so that your site can appear in the first search results.

electronic design company

Companies work in designing websites that are compatible with all available devices, whether they are tablets, iPhones or computers, so that anyone can enter your website.

The company also provides you with the best services to communicate through the design of a contact us window, so that you can communicate with them easily.

Web design companies are also working to take care of the electronic applications on the site.

As it is one of the indispensable things; Because there is a large segment of shoppers who do their shopping through their use of electronic phones.

That is why when you want to create and design a website, you must turn to the best web design company.

Which provides you with all the services that we talked about in the previous lines.

 Value Tech is one of these companies that have been working in the field of programming and developing websites for more than 10 years.

Also, this company has an excellent work team with competence and extensive experience to provide a lot of exclusive services as well as innovative ideas.

This company has been able to design a large number of diverse websites.

It has designed about 2,000 websites and about 300 electronic applications.

Therefore, this company has joined the top ten web design companies in Egypt.

Here we have come to the end of our article in which we got to know about web design companies, what are websites, and the difference between websites and web pages. 



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