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App Design Companies in Egypt The use of mobile and tablet applications is increasing day by day, but while many companies build mobile applications for their organizations, many of them fail! This may be due to the lack of sufficient investment in designing professional applications that meet user expectations, because the most important factors that affect the success of the application are attractive interfaces and smooth interaction. So, what are the best application design companies in Egypt?

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Electronic application design prices

The best application design companies in Egypt

Digitallity Agency It is an Egyptian website and application design company that was established more than several years ago. 

During that period, we completed many projects for major companies and government institutions in Egypt and other Arab and European countries. 

We have a workforce of over 20 skilled engineers, we complete huge projects and offer our clients a variety of other services, 

Including electronic marketing, advertising campaign management, graphic design, motion graphics films, administrative systems, and personnel systems for factories, companies, and various institutions.

Application design by Digitality

First, we carefully research and analyze the concept of the application, as well as the business market, competitors, and objectives of the application, in order to build the appropriate design. This is achieved through the assistance of systems analysts and user interface specialists.

We develop a timetable for project implementation and divide the project into parts.

We start with the user experience and design phase, taking into account user feedback about the colors, fonts, images, and graphic animations of the app.

After getting approval from all stakeholders, the design is translated into code using the programming language used in the application, and in turn, the back-end developer team works on the application programming interface (API) of the project.

After that, we start creating the application, and with the completion of each step, a trial version is produced for the customer to evaluate and provide feedback until we reach the final version of the project, which is uploaded to the store.

We provide free technical assistance to all our customers for one year after the software is delivered to fix any software issues and ensure it works properly.

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Design and programming smart phone applications

The importance of designing an application for your company

Designing an app for your business helps your brand grow for various reasons:

  •  You can retarget customers who downloaded your app with alerts or push notifications at no cost.
  • There are about 5 billion mobile phone users worldwide, increasing the possibilities for advances in phone systems.
  • In 2022, the total number of mobile app downloads exceeded 260 billion.
  • By 2023, the number of apps in the Apple Store exceeded one million, while the Android Store exceeded three million.
  •  21% Millennials open more than 50 apps per day, while 49% open one app more than 10 times per day. The average hours a person spends on a mobile phone per day is 3 to 5 hours.

Why digital is the best?

At Digitallity, we have a large team with experience in all specialties, which allows us to produce large projects and ensure their success in the labor market.

We have extensive experience and knowledge of the labor market and the world of e-commerce, so we develop solutions that can fit all types of future growth in your company.

We pay great attention to the design phase to ensure that it is easy to use and suitable for all your customers. We offer the most secure and private technologies for data and information encryption.

We are not satisfied with the programming stage only; We are fully prepared to provide strong technical assistance as well as marketing consultations to ensure your success in the labor market.


Here we can say that Digitality for e-marketing, website design and electronic applications is the best application design company in Egypt, and for more of the company’s services you can Contact us now.




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