The price of designing a website and application, and what is the cheapest company

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The price of website design and application, website design has become one of the most popular projects today among many young people who are interested in working on social media platforms and on Google Adsense, and the matter has evolved, as the idea of website design has become a target for profit from ads, so today we find many available sites, which are It is only for profit or advertising for everyone and does not provide a headquarters for a specific company or trade, so today we offer you the price of designing a website and application:

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Corporate website design

Website and application design price

We provide you with high quality websites in your field, allowing you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible and generate the results you need for a unique website for your business. 

Creating websites in various forms has become very common, but with all this spread, many problems that you may encounter during Website creation and design your own or after it, so you must carefully choose the company you contract with to design your website on the Internet, and the most important of these things:

  • It is preferable to search for companies to implement a website rather than individuals.

 Even if the cost of creating the site and its price may be slightly higher, the company guarantees you quality and full follow-up after designing your site and work to solve and address any problems that you may encounter while working on your site, so relying on companies in such tasks is definitely inevitable. . 

Design your website

  • A detailed identification between you and yourself or your business partners in designing your website,

What is the purpose of creating the site and what is the work plan that you prepared before starting to work on designing the site, because this largely benefits you as a user or owner, and from here it is possible to work on reducing the budget and cost of designing your site, as well as the benefit of the engineer who works on designing the site in Completing and finishing the site as quickly as possible and with the highest possible quality, because clear things from the start greatly help in producing good work that satisfies all parties.

  • Paying attention to the opinions of customers and reading their evaluations obtained by the company that you intend to contract with to design your website is one of the most important things that are 90% real and honest in terms of reviewing the opinions of customers in their experience in dealing with the company in designing the site and what problems they encountered or advantages obtained during a business trip with the company.
  • The most important feature and finally to look for when creating a website is to make sure to follow up on the website after designing it, 

Some companies only design the site and implement it in the final form according to the agreement without following up on any problems that may occur on the site after receiving it, or any assistance that can be provided. You request it as a new user to interact with the internal system of your site, as the companies that guarantee this feature and monitor the progress of work after implementation It is among the best web design companies on the Internet.


Cheapest website design company

Digitallity is a company specialized in e-marketing and implementing stores and websites professionally. 

It has been operating for several years now, it has increased the trust of customers greatly and achieved remarkable success among all the competitors in the markets.

Designed over 2,000 websites and developed 300 apps for mobile phones and tablets.

The company has been a leader in the field of e-marketing over the past years.

The prices offered by Digitallity to its clients in the implementation of websites are non-competitive prices.

As it allocates a full budget for each individual customer based on his requirements and needs in the site he wants to design.

This feature ensures that you only pay for the capabilities you need within your website without the high prices of web design that depend on standard packages on any website.

Digitallity guarantees you a lifetime follow-up service after you receive the site, in addition to solutions to any technical problems that may arise on the site or any new update that is issued to deal with your website faster and more recently.

progress Digitallity Agency Big discounts for companies that contract and work on more than one service through a company.

The company has a strong team of experts in the field of e-marketing. 

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Website and application design

Website design cost in digitallity 

  • The cost of creating a news website

The news site design prices vary according to the features desired by the site owner, but they range from 7,000 EGP to 15,000 EGP. The cost varies according to the site's additions.

  • Medical website design cost

Of course, the cost of designing a medical website varies according to the capabilities added to the site.

The sites vary between static sites, dynamic sites, and fully dynamic sites.

However, the cost of designing a medical website ranges from 3,000 EGP to 15,000 EGP.

  • The cost of creating an educational website

Everyone is undoubtedly curious about website design prices in Egypt, which vary according to the additions that are added to the site.

However, we can say that the price of designing an educational website ranges from 2,500 pounds to 15,000 pounds.

  • Real estate website design cost

Owning a real estate website that displays all businesses in order to reach the largest number of customers has become important in the era of the Internet and technology, but the real estate website is like any other website whose price varies according to the features added to it, as the cost of real estate website design ranges from 4000 pounds to 18000 pounds.

Through the previous lines, we have offered you the price of designing a website and application in Digitallity, and to find out more details about the services provided, you can contact us now.




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