Well-thought-out electronic marketing campaigns

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E-marketing campaigns, whatever the goal of your marketing campaign is, raising awareness of a new product or the brand itself, increasing sales rates, attracting new customers … etc., the ultimate goal is to reach consumers through a set of consistent and integrated messages, while The following are the most important steps in managing successful e-marketing campaigns:

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Electronic marketing campaigns

E-marketing services are the most effective tool for stimulating the performance of brands.

It is implemented through Electronic marketing campaigns Thoughtful messages that carry clear, innovative and persuasive messages to guide the public towards communication or taking the necessary steps. 

Marketing companies effectively plan digital marketing campaigns, create creative content, and run campaigns for their clients.

And you support it every step of the way through an ambitious e-marketing strategy to market your services and products and give you a competitive advantage in the markets.

Preparing the marketing plan

Develop a marketing plan that must be consistent with the overall business plan that you previously defined at the beginning of your project. 

Planning improves the efficiency of your marketing campaign and reduces the risks of your activities, allowing you to achieve your goals more effectively.

What are the goals of your marketing campaign? What you're trying to achieve: Increase sales.

Introducing your business brand, promoting a new product entering the market…etc.

The plan also includes determining who will target the audience with your advertising campaign. Will you target new customers or consumers?

Determine the budget

Marketing budgets are an important goal for any business, regardless of size; Marketing budget is the estimated amount of cost needed to promote products or services.

Failure to estimate the cost correctly can lead to a variety of problems.

Budget planning is an important part of the marketing process.

However, according to statistics, 85% of small to medium sized businesses only operate on budget without a marketing plan.

It is essential to determine how to budget for marketing and where to invest your marketing money. 

The budget you will put into your marketing campaign includes all promotional costs such as advertising and public relations, as well as other marketing expenses listed. 

Most companies have difficulty predicting the amount of budget costs, and a percentage is usually used. 

The American Small Business Administration Association recommends allocating a minimum of 2%-10% of total sales to the marketing budget in order to forecast the budget.

Which means that the budget is set based on a percentage of sales or profit.

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Implementation of the marketing campaign

Start implementing your campaign based on the plan and actions you developed and according to the schedule.

and by setting your efforts as part of a series of ongoing processes designed to achieve desired success and results.

The marketing campaign implementation step includes four stages:

By using the right people, the right team is expected to be used to implement the plan.

Ensure that you inform them of the marketing strategy and help them understand the objectives.

Provide them with all the information and actions outlined in your marketing plan, and make sure that every member of the marketing team understands the role they will be assigned and has the resources they need to work most efficiently.

Build a detailed project timeline, which is required, where it should be divided Marketing campaign plan to smaller tasks and deadlines.

To be able to control the process with your team, first define a general schedule for the campaign, then set the start date and end date for the campaign.

Distribute your marketing activities across your chosen marketing channels based on your staff and resources, limit how often you can publish and promote your campaign content and create a promotional calendar for each marketing channel.

Review the marketing plan, schedule and objectives at all times to maintain organization and enthusiasm within the work team, as well as to review and correct errors.

In the end, and through the previous lines, we have explained to you how to manage successful electronic marketing campaigns, we hope that this will be useful to you.




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