Designing electronic stores in Egypt

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Designing electronic stores in Egypt. First, we must realize that traditional markets and stores are no longer as important as they always were, and the attitudes of many customers regarding buying online have changed recently. The number of stores and people seeking to buy online has increased, as the customer searches for Constantly searching for comfort, he orders the products he wants or books the services he needs in easy steps that do not require him to leave his home or expend any effort or time. Here lies the importance of designing online stores in Egypt:

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Designing electronic stores in Egypt

Due to the effective impact of e-commerce, many international stores have preferred to be with the customer throughout the day, by creating an online store with all the advantages and offers for goods, so you may be wondering, do you need to create an online store? 

 Prepare Online store design An essential step in selling your products or promoting your services online because it allows you to improve your income and communicate your message more widely.

One of the most important benefits of the online store is that it is available to your customers 24 hours a day, which allows you to attract thousands of new customers throughout your country and achieve greater fame and spread. 

In addition to the ease of browsing the site and browsing the sections with ease, as there is no crowding that affects what you choose.

Digitallity services for designing online stores

Digitallity Agency It offers many packages to meet all requirements, according to the needs of each customer. 

We offer great, unbeatable prices.

Hold a meeting with the project manager and our systems analysis specialist to ensure that the system is developed correctly and without any programming problems.

One year domain and free hosting.

We provide the highest degree of security and protect your website from hackers using high-tech, efficient and hacker-resistant servers.

Free logo design, in addition to many online store layouts

 Help you prepare some store materials

We provide after-sales service, we will interact with you and solve any difficulties that may arise with your site as quickly as possible. 

Providing distinguished services during the recovery period

We provide an endless amount of digital marketing services, such as creating websites and marketing them on social media sites and other platforms until they reach the target audience.

Online store design price

The cost of designing an online store Custom programming starts from $400, and the final cost is determined according to your requests and the final specifications of the project, and may be less. 

When you contact us, we understand your exact requirements and provide you with quotes accordingly.

The time it takes to design the application ranges from one month to one and a half months and may vary depending on your requirements.

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How to profit from designing an online store

You must understand how to attract the consumer and make him visit the store, as well as become the leader over your competitors, in order to benefit from its creation, and you can do this by following the following methods:

To attract website visitors, promote the online store on social media platforms.

You can collect the largest number of email addresses from site visitors and subscribe to the latest updates and news for your site.

Search engine optimization in accordance with SEO controls, in addition to knowing the terms that the visitor is searching for, so that you can reach him more quickly.

You can increase traffic to your site with Google Ads, which are paid ads.


In the end, if you are really looking for the best online store design company in Egypt, then you are in the right place. We at Digitality for electronic marketing and store and website design are here to help you. Connect with us Now to know more details about our services.




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