How is web design done?

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Website design Many people are looking for the foundations of professional website design, as owning a website design does not mean that it achieves the design goal, but there are rules and foundations about websites that you can learn about today through our next article.

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Website design companies

website design

Website design is crucial because it is the internet mirror of every company or project.

And theCreate a website Your is the interface that expresses your activity, a well-designed site will attract more visitors.

Websites are also a set of web pages that are linked together by a server and displayed on browsers for users to browse.

The web design process refers to creating a site with many pages and sections that are selected based on the design goals.

Where each page is appropriately designed, both in terms of content and graphic design of the site, HTML is used to link between pages as well as CSS is used to design websites when choosing the most important colors and fonts.

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Website design standards

There are some basic criteria that must be met when designing an integrated website when creating and developing a website:

  • Site Setup

It is important when designing the site to pay attention to the layout of the appearance of the site in order to achieve an appearance of the site that attracts users.

As well as ease of navigation within the site in order to provide the best experience for each user, and is characterized by simplicity.

So what is the benefit of designing a complex website that not everyone can use?

  • Content

One of the most important aspects that should not be overlooked is the provision of well-understood content that is well versed in the information requested by the visitor.

  • Pictures and graphics

A picture is worth a thousand words in the field of website design and programming, as it explains the concept and works to communicate the company's messages to customers in a clear and direct way.

  • font standardization

Font is important in presenting the branding of the site because it maintains the aesthetic appearance of the site.

Secure fonts are the most widely used on devices and help to appear as intended.

  • Site loading time

Of the most important Web Design Basics Focus on designing a fast site so that the user does not get tired of the slow site.

Which leads him to go to another site, and the speed is one of the most important factors for search engines and the rate of his appearance in the first results.

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Website creation costs

Site types

Commercial websites: These are websites designed to sell products or services.

Their Internet addresses often end in

educational websites: These sites are designed to provide information about a particular educational institution.

Their Internet addresses begin with the letters edu.

Government websites: Government websites are intended to publish information issued by government agencies, offices, and departments. Government websites usually provide highly reliable information, and their Internet addresses often end in .gov.

News sites: These sites provide information on current events and always have an Internet address ending in

Organization websites: The purpose of an organization's website is to defend or promote the point of view of an individual or group, and their Internet address ends in org.

Personal Websites: The purpose of a personal website is to provide information about a person, an Internet address can have several different endings, such as info.


In the end, it can be said that “website design” is not an easy thing, so you have to deal with a company specialized in this field in case you need to design a website, which you will definitely need if you are the owner of a company or a private business.





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