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Designing social media ads, the business world is fraught with opportunities and threats as well, it is an environment full of business and renewable investments, the “marketing” element, especially reminding and influencing customers, is one of the main pillars of the company’s success, as designers and marketers are able to put the brand on many platforms Social media in recent years to influence and win target customers, so let us tell you some tips on designing attractive social media ads.

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Social media ads design

Before entering the list of tips Social media ads design.

Let's first get to know the basic designs of social media platforms, which are as follows:

Special designs are created for an advertising campaign, video or special event.

Cover Design: Explains the main purpose of the page and can be updated or changed in response to page or business updates and highlights.

Portrait design: It is your brand logo and you do not change it frequently because your customers recognize you by it and return to your page with it.

Variable designs: These designs are refreshed and persist on the page based on the page's strategy and goals, and you may need several of these designs on a daily basis.

How to achieve balance when designing an ad

The more unnecessary information and details that are not removed or modified, the less comfortable the eye will be and the faster it will reach the mind of the viewer.

Keep all elements of equal weight, try to keep complex visuals as simple as possible while conveying a simple message.

Make your design simple, elegant, unique and luxurious.

Finally, ask yourself, “Did you get the message across?” Is there a visual relationship between the elements? How accurate is the design? Congratulations on weighing your decision if you receive satisfactory responses.

Important steps before you start designing an ad

Choose the platforms you will advertise on. Each social media platform offers a different set of ad formats and specifications.

Before you start designing your ads, you should decide which platforms you will use so that you have an idea of what you can do with them.

Verify Ad types The different types available on each platform, each ad platform provides a unique set of ads that deliver a specific message and serve a specific purpose.

Choose and list the products or services you want to promote.

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Tips for designing a successful social media ad
  • Choose your goal:

Every social media account should have a broader purpose.

Each post must have a specific purpose.

Keep the overall goal of the account in mind, identify the topic with your target audience by understanding their needs and ways to influence them, and properly studying the consumer.

  • Maintain consistency

Do your best to make the social media you create brand-aligned.

Make sure to incorporate your brand's colors and fonts into your social media designs, and avoid any content that doesn't accurately reflect the brand.

  • Design properly with the right tools.

Even non-designers can create stunning, eye-catching designs with just a few simple steps and right on your design platform with the right tools. 

Many platforms have many attractive designs and customizable templates that are full of simplicity and creativity.

And you can learn how to use it easily and easily by browsing social media designs.

  • Examine what your customers usually think of your brand.

To reach them easily and influence them with your easy and simple style, you should first refer to your style guide at the beginning of the process of creating social media ads about preserving your unique and distinctive brand elements.


Through the previous lines, you will find all the details and tips about designing social media ads in a simple way. We hope that this will help you design your ads easily.





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