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Marketing by Ali Social Media Company: Social media is no longer just a tool or means of entertainment, but rather it has become a wonderful marketing tool for those who use it well, as it has become one of the The most important methods of marketing for brands In the current era, therefore, through our following article, we show you some of the most important details about how to market Ali Social Media:

 شركة ادارة حسابات السوشيال ميديا والتسويق
Social media accounts management and marketing company

Ali Social Media Marketing

According to general marketing guidelines, “Marketing is an investment, not a cost.” 

To maximize your ROI, strong ad tracking is essential.

In addition to a clear understanding of what is expected from the ad, measuring its performance, and frequent mistakes that should be avoided.

  • Paying attention to the number of fans

Being preoccupied with the number of likes on your page is an illusion that many people pursue in order to gain fame and status that does not result in any financial benefit. 

Which prompted some to buy some likes legally or illegally, 

This is what prompted Facebook, and in the latest amendments that it announced some time ago, that it would review the likes on the pages and cancel the fake likes.

To understand the extent of this error, consider that Facebook stated in its statistics that 96% fans of company and brand pages do not return to these pages again. 

So it's better to pay attention to your page fans, who represent your target customer segments.

And continue to communicate with them in a good, consistent way that they find attractive.

  • Pursuing ad views

The number of views an ad gets is not a measure of its success, and this alone may not be an indicator that an ad has failed to succeed. 

A higher CTR (view from target customer)/number of views (CTR – CTR) indicates the quality of your targeting.

  • Do not follow the advertisement

Creating advertisements without continuous follow-up and modification, or in one form or image, 

It replaces one of the great advantages that some of these networks allow you to display multiple images for your ad with the same budget and goal.

Then measure the most attractive and influential ones so that you continue with them and stop other forms of advertising.

 شركة ادارة حسابات السوشيال ميديا والتسويق
Social media accounts management and marketing company

Advantages of marketing and advertising via social media

Prepare Pay-per-click strategy (PPC) is the most common in most social media ads, 

It allows you to pay only customers who read your ad, complete an order, fill out a form, book a viewing, or like your page.

Social media networks have evolved, and each has defined itself in specific countries or locations. 

For example, Twitter is more popular in the Gulf than in Egypt. 

On the contrary, Facebook is becoming more popular in Egypt and is characterized by its advertising which is becoming increasingly popular in our region. 

Most of these networks' ads share a variety of goals in terms of watching an ad or video clip. 

Fill out a form, book a showing, like a page, download a mobile app, invite an event, etc. too. 

It is also distinguished by the precise targeting of ads in terms of gender and age, and includes the country, city, neighborhood, interests, and sometimes even the type and brand of the device used to access the Internet. 

In addition to the most important feature, which is to follow the advertisement moment by moment, so that you can modify, stop, or play it to reach what is desired from the advertisement.


In conclusion, the process of marketing a social media company is not as easy as some people expect, so you definitely need a specialist to do this for you. 

If you are looking for the best electronic marketing company to do this task, we at Digitallity for electronic marketing and website design are here to help you. All you have to do is Contact us now.




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