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Creating an advertising campaign on Google, Google ads have become one of the most important means of electronic marketing for many large companies and sites that rely heavily on ads because they provide the best results for business owners and websites, and are considered the basis of Google’s income, and it is an advertising program that enables you to advertise on Google in Google search results to appear in the first search results, and there is also an advertisement on Google advertising network In its entirety, and through our next article, you will learn how to create an advertising campaign on Google.

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Create an advertising campaign on Google

Google Ads is a unique system that allows anyone to run advertising campaigns on their sites, pages or blogs for a fee via Google search and search partners. 

Google is the first and most important search engine for everyone, whether in the Arab world or anywhere else.

Google Ads allows advertisers to choose specific keywords that appear at the top of search results. 

The situation cannot be manipulated because Google does not account for erroneous, suspicious and invalid clicks that may come from competitors or by mistake.

Why do you have to deal with a company to manage Google ads

It saves you time and effort managing, monitoring, creating ads, tuning and monitoring campaigns, choosing keywords, and getting access to more Google advertisers.

The presence of a team specialized in the various Google services that will ensure the success of your advertising campaigns by all criteria and target them correctly.

By researching the market, your competitors in your industry, and arranging terms to create high-quality campaigns that target more traffic at lower prices.

They also recommend daily budgets and click rates for keywords, which they have gained experience with after serving Google Ads for many years.

Having full contact with Google Ads Support to solve problems and fix errors.

In addition to advice and guidance in various areas within the campaigns that are being managed.

And work to make it easier for you by using your appropriate words in order for the advertisement to appear in an appropriate manner,

As well as working to raise the quality of the value of those words, as the bids in Google Ads are determined by the result that is obtained. 

Multiplying the CPC by the word quality point results in the overall quality of the ad, which is tracked on a daily basis to ensure the best targeting at the lowest cost.

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Benefits of Google Ads affiliated with our company

1- We place your website on the first page of the search results with an advertisement related to special search terms related to the content of the site or the activity of your company.

2- We can add sections of the site or company to appear with the advertisement, as well as the company's phone number and a map of its own.

3- The ad may not appear frequently when we reach the maximum number of visits per day.

But we can control this by adjusting prices and budgets easily and professionally so that we can get many visits at the lowest costs.

4- We can track and measure website conversions to ads.

5- The agreed number of visits may change due to competition and the nature of the activity.

But we have a capable and professional team to manage ads to get a higher return than the agreed amount.

6- When targeting clients outside Egypt, the number of visits and prices vary according to the target countries.

7- Remove any inappropriate negative words that led to your ad appearing.

8- Sending regular and organized reports on Ad campaign progress and its growth and development throughout the campaign period.

In the end, we recommend dealing with a Google Ads management company if you want to set up an advertising campaign on Google with minimal effort and cost.


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