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Social media page management prices. Do you run your own company or business? Do you want to leverage social media to increase brand awareness and attract new customers? If you answered yes, then you need specialized management for your social media sites; But, how do you determine the best solution for your budget and needs? We are here today to provide you with some of the most important details about the best company that offers the best prices for managing social media pages:

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Social media page management prices

In fact, we cannot give a specific price for this service as it is determined by a variety of circumstances. 

But we can say that the typical price of social media management in Egypt ranges from $100 to $300 per month, depending on a variety of criteria such as:

  • Selected package

Companies often offer three distinct packages, each with different benefits, and the price is determined by the features of that package.

  • Number of posts

Each pricing plan has a set number of posts per month and a set number of designs per post, and these considerations impact the price significantly.

  • The company's experience and the creativity of the work team

It is linked to innovative ideas that improve engagement and increase sales volume without the need for sponsored commercials. The originality of the work team and the company’s experience in this sector are also key factors in determining pricing.

  •  Availability of platforms

This is because managing one platform, such as Facebook, definitely requires less effort than managing three platforms simultaneously, so the price varies based on the number of platforms.

  • Size and type of company

   Distinctive companies have distinct social media management requirements, for example, retailers require different materials than service providers.

The importance of social media management

In today's world, social media has evolved into a powerful marketing tool that helps businesses reach a wider audience, attract new consumers, increase sales, enhance customer service, and collect and analyze data. 

If we want to measure the value of social media pages, we will discover that these are their most important features:

Introducing customers to the company's products and services and establishing a positive reputation for it.

Developing relationships with potential customers and turning them into long-term permanent customers.

Promoting the company's products and services and providing special offers and discounts.

Direct communication with customers and solving their problems.

Improving the company's marketing methods by better understanding the composition of the target audience.

All of these factors make it necessary to bear the costs of managing social media pages in order to reap all these benefits. 

Whether it is increasing sales or creating a good relationship with the brand's target audience, prompting them to choose that particular product every time they need it among many competitors.

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The best social media management company in Egypt

In this regard, Digitality stands out as one of the The best social media management companies in EgyptIf it is not the largest electronic marketing company in Egypt, this is due to several success factors such as:

It is a market leader in the social media sector, with over many years of experience in this field.

The company has a skilled group of social media experts with extensive experience in the field of electronic marketing.

It also has a wide range of social media services to meet all your marketing requirements.


Thus, through the previous lines, we have explained to you approximately the prices for managing social media pages, and to know more details about Digitality services, you can Contact us All day long.




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