The best Google Ads advertising company in Egypt

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The best Google Ads advertising company in Egypt. The popularity of Google Ads has increased in recent years, as marketing via Google is considered one of the most important basic tools to give business owners a distinctive look on the first page of search results, which attracts a large number of people to browse the sites and thus increase sales rates. This is what prompted company owners to search for the best Google Ads advertising company in Egypt:

The best Google Ads advertising company in Egypt

Google Ads is one of Google's advanced electronic marketing systems, as it allows you to sell your goods online through sponsored ads, which increases sales rates.

Google sponsored ads allow you to target a large number of customers interested in purchasing your company's goods or services.

Prepare Digitallity Agency It is one of the most prominent and successful e-marketing companies in Egypt. 

The company has implemented many of the most successful Google sponsored advertising campaigns, because it allows you to properly target your customers and display your ads when they use any of Google's platforms.

The company places your ad on relevant search pages, maps and websites, ensuring that you reach consumers who want to buy your company's products or services. 

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What makes Digitality the best Google Ads advertising company in Egypt?

  • Professionalism and extensive experience: 

Digitality has extensive professional experience in the field of Google Ads, and the work team is distinguished by its passion and ingenuity in understanding the complexities of this advertising platform and how to use it correctly.

  • Specialization in the Egyptian market:

 The Digitality team has a comprehensive understanding of the Egyptian market, which allows it to develop local advertising campaigns that meet the requirements and expectations of the Egyptian audience.

  • Benefit from advanced technologies: 

The team uses the latest technologies and tools in the fields of visual analysis and keyword selection, which adds to the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness in advertising campaigns.

  • Customize campaigns and solutions: 

Digitallity provides customized solutions tailored to meet its clients' requirements, whether it's scaling campaigns or boosting conversion rates.

  • Benefit from the value of advertising: 

The company strives to maximize the value of clients' advertising by regularly monitoring and optimizing campaigns to ensure the best results.

  • Commitment to quality and results: 

The Digitality team, the best Google Ads advertising company in Egypt, is dedicated to creating high-quality advertising campaigns on Google that translate into measurable results, thus helping clients achieve their goals.

  • Continuous communication with clients:

The team maintains good communication with clients by providing quarterly reports and consulting sessions to ensure client satisfaction and develop campaigns based on the inputs they get.

  • Regular interaction and continuous improvement:

The Digitality team participates in advertising campaigns on a regular basis in order to increase performance and maintain effectiveness.

  • Successful communication: 

The company's successful communication with consumers is characterized by frequent reporting and discussions to ensure customers are happy and their expectations are met.

How does Digitality work?

Digitallity helps you The best Google advertising company Ads in my bank reach your target customers in a comprehensive and successful way using Google Ads, and here is how the company does it:

  • Target and market analysis: 

The Digitality team examines your company's goals and accurately understands your target audience. The Egyptian market and customer requests are studied to determine the best approach to follow.

  • Effective keyword targeting: 

Keywords are carefully designed to ensure that advertising campaigns target searches where the target audience performs best.

  • Preparing distinct advertising campaigns: 

Using the latest digital marketing technologies, the team creates integrated and large-scale advertising campaigns. 

Advertisements are placed thoughtfully to ensure they reach the target audience.

  • Campaign performance is evaluated and analyzed on a regular basis: 

The Digitality team provides clear and complete reports on results and potential changes.

  • Periodic interaction and continuous improvement: 

Periodic contact is made with advertising campaigns based on analyzes and evaluations in order to enhance performance and achieve maximum value for the client.

Digitality, the best Google Ads advertising company in Egypt, also works to link Google advertising campaigns to the comprehensive digital marketing strategy to increase influence and improve digital presence.

  • Improve user experience: 

The company is responsible for optimizing landing pages and user experience in order to obtain maximum conversion rates, which increases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

  • Using precise targeting settings on Google: 

The team uses precise targeting settings on Google to reach target groups and maximize advertising impact.

Types of Google ads 

Google offers several forms of sponsored ads. Here's an explanation of the different types of ads and how to use them:

  • Search Ads

This is one of the most important types of advertising because it aims to attract individuals who are interested in a specific product or service and search for it on Google. 

This type of advertising is known as search advertising. If you use this type of advertising, Google will display your ad alongside the search results that appear naturally when a user enters a keyword related to the ad content.

  • Marketing campaign ads

This type of marketing gives a great experience to all customers, especially when searching for a specific product, because it ensures that consumers evaluate different possibilities in terms of costs, etc.

This is known as a shopping ad, and it shows pictures of the items along with a brief description of them.

  • Advertising on the website

Since the advertisement for a product or service is published on other websites, this is one of the biggest possibilities chosen by businessmen.

You should search for sites and pages related to your business so that marketing campaigns are prepared for specific or specific consumers. 

  • In-app advertising

These ads are marketing campaigns targeting a specific network, through which the advertiser's ideas are implemented in a series of different ads, and the Google search engine displays the ad that got the best performance.

This type is known as Google Apps ads, and ads are automatically assigned and segmented based on advertiser performance.

Features of Google Ads

When you create sponsored ads on Google, you can easily display the product or service you provide to users who are searching for it, in addition to many other benefits that can be obtained when you use Google advertising campaigns, which are summarized as follows:

  •  Target a specific audience: 

Through sponsored Google ads, you can target a specific group of individuals interested in the product or service provided, which helps convert search engine visitors into customers and thus grow your business.

  • Achieving remarkable results in sales: 

When you use Google sponsored ads, you can attract new visitors, receive many phone calls, and promote your brand by publishing your phone number or location, making you more accessible.

  • Budget flexibility: 

There is no specific budget that you must adhere to. Rather, you can set an acceptable budget for ads throughout the month and simply control it, whether by stopping or changing it.

  • Get more consumers: 

Google Ads are one of the most important e-marketing tools to directly target customers and attract them to your website or online store. 

If your marketing campaign is implemented professionally and accurately using Google Ads, you will get a large number of potential customers, more than any other e-marketing strategy. 

The most important difference between online marketing Google Ads in Egypt The other way is that the customers who come to your site through it are more serious in dealing with your advertisement. 

Because it only appears to them when they search for words similar to the type of products or services you offer, you can be sure that they need that product or service.

  • Provides high return on investment:

Unlike other marketing programs that require you to pay before starting a campaign, Google Ads offers pay-per-click (PPC), which means you only pay when consumers click on your ad, not when it reaches them. 

This way, we can ensure that Google Ads is a real advertising service. 

In Egypt, it is characterized by the highest return on investment (ROI), and it is the e-marketing approach that we care most about at Digitality, the largest online marketing company in Egypt.

  • Contributes to enhancing your brand's credibility:

Since Google is the most popular search engine, most Internet users have great confidence in the results it produces. 

As a result, having your ad on Google enhances your brand's credibility and enhances your potential customers' confidence in the quality of the products or services you provide. 

Moreover, you will ensure that your ad is widely spread because Google suggests it to those interested in the quality of the ad based on some analyses. 

These clients are distinguished by their seriousness, unlike clients of other electronic marketing methods such as social networking sites.

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Google Ads advertising prices in Egypt

It is important to know that Google ads cost Or Google Adwords, especially for very small businesses or SMEs, cannot be calculated that easily

It is almost difficult to price them because these budgets depend on the core goals of each company. 

The cost of Google advertising campaigns is determined by the keywords used, the country in which they are conducted, and the target audience.

Here is an approximate cost of Google Ads campaign packages at Digitality:

Package type  the price  Expected results from the package
Weekly package About 1360 Egyptian pounds 10 to 15 clicks or site visits
Two-week package About 3450 Egyptian pounds From 15 to 20 clicks or visits to the website daily
Monthly package  About 7,800 Egyptian pounds From 15 to 20 clicks or visits to the website daily

Metrics for determining the cost of Google ads

Google Ads costs vary from country to country based on the following cost determining factors:

The cost per 1,000 ad views in Google Ads is referred to as the CPM statistic, and it is estimated that the cost is about $2 per thousand times visitors view the ad.

RPM is the actual return on profit per thousand views on Google Ads.

The cost-per-click (CPC) metric represents the cost an advertiser pays each time a visitor clicks on the ad; It is the price per click, and each advertiser determines his advertising fees.

(CPE) Cost per engagement in Google Ads, where the advertiser only pays when the visitor interacts with the ad in a way other than clicking. Video and multimedia ads are examples of this.


In summary, Digitality Company for electronic marketing, website design and electronic applications is the best Google Ads advertising company in Egypt, as the company offers many packages and offers that suit all customers, while maintaining the quality of the service provided, and for more details about the company’s services, you can Contact us All day long.


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